Apr 3, 2019
There's actually a video on YouTube that has it in audio form. It's basically a mashup if nursery rhyme tunes, and as Tamariz says, the more obnoxious the song, the better you'll remember.
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Jul 16, 2019
Give me tips on mnemonica
Trying to nail it

I can recommend my own "Mnemonica For Everyone" system. It's based on the Nikola/Lorayne "picture hooks" idea but was developed because the original just wasn't working for me. Learned memdeck stack in an hour while driving (wasn't down cold but was usable). Message me if you want more info.
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Apr 9, 2016
Rick Lax's video at Penguin is really helpful. I'd check it out if you are having any issues at all.
I would caution the Lax video. It is very closely tied to images used in the video which he and a colleague created with images for each card. Unfortunately, many of those images, while hand drawn, were of cartoons (Disney, Nickelodeon) depicted in situations to provide the memory hooks for mnemonics. In the video now as sold, approximately 1/3 of the images have since been blurred out due to some cold feet (or perhaps an actual cease and desist order) so what you pay for is pretty heavily crippled in that regard. Penguin makes no mention of this anywhere and sells it as if it were still a compete system. (Haven't been there in a month or more so they may have finally properly warned prospective buyers since)

It is still a decent video and has some educational value, but as a buyer, beware that they don't indicate the video has been partially wiped of the critical content to help you learn quickly. You will be buying a video that was incredible, and now is of marginal help.
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Dec 31, 2016
I got mnemonica down pretty fast and reliably by using a multi-pronged approach. I used the Major System (https://litemind.com/major-system/ no need for me to type it out here) to make a peg system for all the cards and all the numbers. Cards are first letter of the suite into the major system peg. Then I also used the story system to make a sequential throughline using my card pegs as images. You could use the memory palace too, I didn't because I already knew my pegs, and peg is actually better than palace if you need to know them from a random number instead of only in a sequence. And then after that, I started drilling it into memory the same way we play scales or learn times tables, doing it both thinking of my pegs, thinking of only the card pegs, and trying not to use the pegs at all, making sure to go from numbers to cards and vice versa. (Make a flashcard deck with numbers). One of the keys to getting into instant memory is breaking the flashcards into chunks. We don't learn all our scales or times tables in one go right? So I spent 20 minutes doing just 1-10, or 11-20, or A-K of clubs, etc. I also did this turning them face down on the table so I got a visual snapshot of the sets of five in a row for 1-5, 6-10, etc. I also spent time making sets of "just the hard ones" and drilled those way more. Basically you want to rely on instant memory with the pegs as the fallback. The nice thing about building your peg system is that once you have it, if you blank out, you can go to pegs and have the card in another second or two, and ... you can use those pegs for plain old memory tricks! And, when you have the pegs as your reliable check, you can drill "scales" anywhere. My dog's new name should be mnemonica.... lol

Keys for working on long-term memory (I do this *a lot* as a jazz musician, we have to memorize new tunes constantly):
- work in 20 minute chunks
- try to memorize the same thing as many ways as possible, building connections between them all
- you want repetitions of the *act of recalling*. Reviewing while looking at the answer does very little compared to the hard feeling of making yourself recall

HTH. Mnemonica is super fun. :)
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Apr 27, 2019
Yeah i saw it somewhere before
But i got a method it's fun
It's kind of a game on android i am using two apps the first one gives you the card and i should guess its number, the second one gives you the number and i should guess the card
By remembering the numbers it's pretty easy to memorize the order
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