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  1. I have started magic about 5 months ago and I learned all the basic skills very easily and have spent all these past 5 months mastering the basics, but I have problems with my palm. I am left handed but I am accustomed to holding things in my left hand of course so i started with holding the deck In my left and now that's how i do it. I do lots of things with my left like one handed cuts and palming with my dominant hand, but it's the hand I hold the deck in, I can't palm for crap with my right. Do I learn to palm with my right hand or is it fine to switch hands to palm?
  2. Generally you should learn moves with both hands, if you are too asymmetrical it will show and the audience may start to get ahead of you at times. If you want your palm to look good it should look as natural as possible so that means probably training your off hand so there is no fishy moves. The move has lots to do with timing and framing, usually done in an off beat moment out of the focus of the audience. Learning with your off hand will take a bit for it to feel right but in the long run its worth it.

    That being said, if you want to switch hands you need to justify the movement. Like one hand may be closer to card box that needs to be moved or putting away/getting a pen etc., so you switch hands to free up that hand. You have to be careful to not over handle the cards or do fishy switches your performance may not seem magical because your card handling may be too much. If everything looks like a move then its sending the wrong message, things should look fair.
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  3. Thanks! I needed that, I will learn with both hands and put in the time before I perform anything with palming!
  4. You can totally learn with both hands, but it may feel hella weird at first. Jugglers learn *everything* with both hands (I'm one) and musicians often learn hand backwards (you could make a solid case that the guitar and saxophone are actually played left-handed, which is weird really). It'll feel odd, but yeah, it can be done mate!

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