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Oct 25, 2008
Hello everyone!

I've been hired by a betting company to participate in a new commercial series they're launching this autumn. We're going to create a video series of gambling routines and tricks. The videos will be posted at their own webpage, their social media accounts as well as national and global campaigns. I'm pretty stoked as this is a big betting company here in Europe.

The scene for the video series will be a poker table in a dark, grudgy looking studio with a single lamp over the poker table. Like we're doing illegal gambling. Every trick will be done seated at the table, with a camera pointing downwards at my hands. As of now, we will not include my face as to build more mystery. This may change depending on the tricks I end up choosing

We have just started the preproduction and my job is to come up with a list of 10-15 magic tricks with a gambling theme. Cards, coins, you name it. I know several, but I also wanted to hear if you guys could give me some tips to new ones I perhaps have forgotten or haven't seen before. The filming are set to mid-august so I will have plenty of time to practice.

The videos will be no longer than 60 seconds and I will be able to talk. But, as always with online magic videos, the more visual, flashy and quicker the trick is, the better.

I hope some of you are able to help me out!

Nov 3, 2018
First of all, congratulations! This sounds like an amazing opportunity.

If demonstrations of gambling techniques count as tricks, you could do some false shuffles (if the camera is pointing directly down, a Zarrow would probably work well) and spread the deck to show it in new deck order. You could also see if you can find a good deck switch to work with that angle; if you use two different-coloured decks the visual effect can be quite startling.
Richard Turner has done a coin matrix with the premise, "The goal of cheating is it to make the money come from your side to my side". You could maybe do something similar. Here's the video:

Good luck to you!
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Apr 1, 2020
At the Card Table by Darwin Ortiz has just been recently rereleased. It has some great routines in it. There's a dealing demonstration in the beginning that is actually pretty easy if you can second deal. It looks like you're doing much more than that.

And if you get Expert Portfolio 1 and enjoy it, you can get Expert Portfolio 2 straight from Jack Carpenter. Let me know if you need the info to get that one.
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