1. The 4th Musketeer

    Books Recommendation

    Give me some advanced, imprumpto, gimmickless, card magic books! Thanks guys in advance❤️
  2. The 4th Musketeer

    Need more suggestions for my book & dvd collection!

    This is by now my personal collection. I'm open for more suggestions of what to read/see next. Thanks guys! *My focus is only on card magic and especially on gambling material. (If there's a book with some coin tricks in it it's fine. Even I have a few great ones. Just don't suggest a book if...
  3. J

    Gambling routines & tricks for SoMe

    Hello everyone! I've been hired by a betting company to participate in a new commercial series they're launching this autumn. We're going to create a video series of gambling routines and tricks. The videos will be posted at their own webpage, their social media accounts as well as national and...
  4. Scodischarge

    Hand Mucking - Where to Learn?

    Hi guys, I've been really interested in learning hand mucking techniques lately. I got the Father Alex Download from Vanishing Inc., but as there are only three mucks taught there I'd like to have something more in depth. Plus, I'd like to hear another perspective on it as well. Do you have any...
  5. Scodischarge

    Steve Forte teachings

    Hi guys! Steve Forte is probably one of the best and certainly one of the most respected cardsmen out there. Especially his skill with gambling techniques is incredible. But I haven't found any book or DVD in which he teaches any of those techniques. Of course, there's the Gambling Protection...
  6. Scodischarge

    Second Deal Trouble

    Hi guys, me again. This will really be two questions, one for the push-over and one for the strike second. When I do the push-over second deal (I do it as Erdnase teaches with the thumb pushing over two cards at the top of the deck, not at the side) my trouble is that the top card is always...
  7. Scodischarge

    Bottom Deal Trouble

    Hi guys, I've been practicing the strike bottom deal for a while now, and in my opinion it's gotten pretty decent by now. My biggest problem at the moment is the noise, as the sound of the bottom deal is much louder than the normal deal, thus making it easy for anyone to notice that I'm dealing...
  8. R

    Gambling books

    Hi there I am looking for gambling books. False shuffles False deals Etc Do you know any book focused on gambling. (Please do not say expert at the card table)
  9. Avendsin

    Stacking cards like a pro!

    Hey, just uploaded a new video teaching the lessinout stack. Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, I'm new to this YouTube stuff. I see this as an opportunity to connect with like minded people, to share my experience with you guys and to learn from you in return. So I would...
  10. RemyYeldrem

    Middle Deal... Help!

    Alright, so I've been doing gambling for about 3 years, now. And I decided to learn the middle deal recently, however, I really cannot begin to understand it from the description given it Expert Card Technique. Does anybody know of a good resource to learn from, I'm considering Finding The...
  11. K

    Is there a "name deal"?

    Hi. I'm new to this thread thing so not sure if this goes here, so bear with me? So... Anyone knows if there is such thing as name deal? Like... The spectator names a card and you deal it right away? Then names another and you deal again, and so on..? I'd like to see a way to do this Thanks
  12. R


    Best dvd to learn gambling routines or how to cheat.(obviously only for Demonstrations) other than foundations and steve forte gps
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