Need more suggestions for my book & dvd collection!

May 4, 2022
This is by now my personal collection. I'm open for more suggestions of what to read/see next. Thanks guys!

*My focus is only on card magic and especially on gambling material. (If there's a book with some coin tricks in it it's fine. Even I have a few great ones. Just don't suggest a book if it's written heavily about other types of magic).
** Don't be afraid to suggest a book that isn't available anymore or if he too expensive. As long as the book 'approved' by the paragraph above it's great!

Thanks again, I'm really anticipating for your answers!!!

Aldo Colombini- Impromptu Card Magic
Andi Gladwin & John Campbell- Pure Imagination
Andi Gladwin- The Boy Who Cried Magic
Antonio Zuccaro- Finding the Center
Arthur H. Buckley- Card Control
Benjamin Earl- Less is More
Dai Vernon- Revelation
Darwin Ortiz- At the Card Table
Darwin Ortiz- Cardshark
Darwin Ortiz- Designing Miracles
Darwin Ortiz- Gambling Scams
Darwin Ortiz- Lessons in Card Mastery
Darwin Ortiz- Scams & Fantasies With Cards
Darwin Ortiz- Strong Magic
Darwin Ortiz- The Annotated Erdnase
Denis Behr- Handcrafted card magic series (1,2,3)
Ed Marlo- Cardially Yours
Ed Marlo- Revolutionary Card Techniques
Edward McGire- Phantom of the Card Table
Guy Hollingworth- Drawing Room Deceptions
Harapn Ong- Principa
Harry Blackstone- Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks
Harry Lorayne- Close Up Card Magic
Harry Lorayne- Deck-sterity
Harry Lorayne- My Favorite Card Tricks
Harry Lorayne- The Classics of Ken Krenzel
Jack carpenter- Expert's Portofilio series (1,2)
James Swain- 21st Century Card Magic
James Swain- Miracles With Cards
Jason Ladanye- Confident Deceptions
Jason Ladanye- Game Changer
Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue- Expert Card Technique
Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue- Royal Road to Card Magic
Jean Hugard- Card Manipulations
Jean Hugard- Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Jerry Mentzer- Counts Cuts Moves and Subtlety
Jim Steranko- Steranko On Cards
John Scarne- Scarne on Card Tricks
Juan Tamariz- Mnemonica
Karl Fulves- Self Working Card Tricks
Meir Yedid- Stars of Magic
Mike Maxwell-The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
Paul Harris-The Art of Astonishment series (1,2,3)
Paul Le Paul- The Card Magic of Le Paul
Pepe Carrol- 52 Lovers Through the Looking Glass
Pit Hartling- In Order to Amaze
Roberto Giobbi- Card College series (1,2,3,4,5)
Ryan Plunkett- Distilled
S.W Erdnase- The Expert at the Card Table
Stephen Minch- By Forces Unseen
Steve Forte- Gambling Sleight of Hand series (1,2)
Tom Frame- Hold'em Magic
Trevor H. Hall- The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown

Andrew Wimhurst- Card Artistry
Fernando Keops- Cheating at Cards
Fernando Keops- Gambling Effects
Fernando Keops- Pure Magic
George Joseph- Cheating at Poker
Gregory Wilson- Card Stunts
Harry Lorayne- Best Ever Collection series (1,2,3,4)
Jack Carpenter- All In
Jack Carpenter- Expert Gambling Routines
James Swain- Miracles- The Magic of James Swain series (1,2,3,4)
Jason Ladanye- Confident Deceptions series (1,2,3,4)
Martin Nash- The very Best of Martin Nash series (1,2,3)
Richard Turner- Best of the Bottoms
Richard Turner- The Cheat
Richard Turner- The Sci ence of Shuffling and Stacking
Steve Forte- Gambling Protection Series
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Gabriel Z.

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Apr 26, 2013
I always direct people to this video...

Aside from The Complete Walton.....You have pretty much everything you need right there!! Now all you have to do is find time to practice everything in that library you have... May the fourth be with you.
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Jul 25, 2015
Kaufman-Mr. Jennings Takes it Easy
Redford-Temporarily Out of Order
2020 Conjuring Arts Critical Edition-Phantom of the Card Table
Aronson-Simply Simon
Kaufman-The Berglas Effects (not for everyone and oop, but worth adding to your collection)
Dan and Dave-Trilogy (Video)
Jason Englund-Foundations (Videos sold by Theory 11)

Check out this link to a similar post I made a few years ago:

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