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  1. The 4th Musketeer

    Need more suggestions for my book & dvd collection!

    This is by now my personal collection. I'm open for more suggestions of what to read/see next. Thanks guys! *My focus is only on card magic and especially on gambling material. (If there's a book with some coin tricks in it it's fine. Even I have a few great ones. Just don't suggest a book if...
  2. O

    Hold em and blackjack

    Hello members, I am looking for Richard turner style performance ideas that gets the spectator involved in “real word game conditions” I am comfortable with my false deals stacking etc hope someone can point me in the right direction Thankyou
  3. O

    Jason England - Foundations

    Hello everybody, I was wondering were I can apply what I have learned from the foundation series (mainly gambling routines I am interested in) if anybody can share ideas I will look forward to hearing from you all !
  4. Jason Ladanye

    The Magic Castle FULL SHOW

    Here's my full set from the Magic Castle. Enjoy!
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