Should I open my Gold Monarchs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Antonio Diavolo, Dec 1, 2017.


Should I open them?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Just got my Gold Monarchs from T11 in the mail today. I'm debating opening them. I don't think I'll resell them but I'm not sure if I want to open them or not. Then again, what's the point of having them if I don't take them out at some point. What do you guys think?
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  2. You know, I paid a...certain sum of money for Golds on Ebay because I just had to have them. I did open them. They don't get used for magic or card games, but sometimes I like to take them out and look at them. The backs are too addicting. Honestly, the way I saw it is that, like you, I wasn't going to resell them. This wasn't for me to keep pristine for years and try to turn a profit. They were for me to enjoy as part of my collection.
  3. It really depends on you if you need funds or not. I too got my Gold Monarch 2 weeks ago, Haven't opened it yet, living in Pakistan, magic is a expensive hobby for me to pursue, I would have sold it in order for me to get some funds to get more magic supplies but we don't have Ebay in my country, I might be the only person in my country to hold this deck and I have no idea what to do with it lol, certainly not planning to open it
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  4. Cards are tools. Pretty tools, but tools none the less.

    While there are some decks that fetch higher prices, I get the impression that isn't as true these days due to the massive amount of custom cards on the market and the constant stream of new "ultra rare limited editions" coming to the market every day. They're not exactly a sound investment.

    So use them as the tools they are.
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  5. I have a wonderful collection of custom decks, including some that I've acquired from T11. There are some real beauties and some pretty valuable ones. But I didn't get them for an investment to resell for a profit. I got them because I love and appreciate fine custom playing cards for the works of art that they are, the way they look and feel, and the pleasure I get from doing magic and flourishes with them. Others really admire and appreciate them too. That's why I open them up and use them. If I had the good fortune to ever have a vintage sports car - like a Ferrari, I wouldn't keep it locked up in a garage and never drive it. By the same token, I can't see keeping beautiful playing cards sealed up in a box. So I say open up those Gold Monarchs, Antonio, and enjoy the drive.
  6. My personal opinion is open them, make sure not to mess up the seal too bad, and just enjoy them.

    I wouldn't preform with them or over handle them, but they're yours, might as well check them out if that's what you want to do.

    That's what I did with my Madison Gold Revolvers. ♤
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  7. I wasn't planning on using them often. Maybe for the occasional Instagram video or picture. Or just take them out to fan or mess with. Nothing too crazy or damaging.
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  8. Usually when I get decks, I get them in pairs or more, one so I can play with them, and the other in the cellophane so I have another, or to use in case of emergency.

    That being said my deck collection has a stack where I put all my decks I only have one of, example being a Green Monarch.
    I take it out once and a while, and I do plan to preform with them eventually if an opportunity comes along where I want to be a bit fancier than a Bike deck.

    It really comes to sitting down and setting your boundaries.
    Am I okay with this? And am I okay with this?
    You just draw the line where you feel comfortable, after all, they are yours. You set the boundaries and you decide what you deem as okay.

    I really hope this helps, I'm terrible at giving advice, but this is just my thoughts on the matter, just do what you're comfortable with. ♤
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