1. P

    Just out of curiosity do these theory11 Monarchs: Eleven Madison Park Edition look authentic?

    I would like to ask the community if these theory11 Monarchs: Eleven Madison Park Edition look authentic?
  2. jcrn84

    Fake Monarchs! How To Spot?

    Hi! Ive been collecting for just a few months and decided to put together a collection of Monarchs. Some older prints that i could not find on major online store i was able to get from ebay so i bought a few there. For the most part ive been lucky finding great prices for super rare decks, but...
  3. D

    White/Silver Monarchs

    Can anyone tell me about the early history of Monarchs? Specifically, I have 2 unopened decks with a white tuck case with silver embossing, I'm sure they're several years old, but what are they? White? Silver? Albino? TIA, Danny Smith Sunnyvale CA
  4. zOxydrOp

    ALMOST complete Monarchs collection!!! ❤︎

    Hello everyone! First of all, congratulations Theory11 for the 13th anniversary. :) Recently I was able to acquire a mint Eleven Madison Park monarchs after a few good years of looking for one! I'm now missing the pre-release monarchs/gold original monarchs. I have no intention of owning one...
  5. G

    Are These Real Monarchs?

    Hi! I recently bought Theory11 cards from a local magic shop (I'm in Canada). Here's a picture of my Monarchs. I find them good, but not as great for magic as I would have hoped. Per example, they're a little too sticky to cull cards, second deal or perform a colour switch. I find myself using...
  6. Antonio Diavolo

    The OTHER Gold Monarchs?

    So a few weeks ago, I was trying to find a way to purchase one of the Now You See Me 2 chip card props that were given out during the Holiday Wheel a few years ago. Then I stumbled across this Monarch variant online. I have never seen or heard of these before. They look like normal Monarchs...
  7. C

    Red Monarchs Deck review

  8. A

    Now You See Me 3

    So most of us know of Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2, due to the movies being centered around real life magic. Th e movies also included the Monarch playing cards (the first movie has the navy blue while the second has the red), and have a limited addition set of Monarchs. The third movie...
  9. G

    Monarchs Skull with Swords

    Hey guys, i really want a tattoo of the Skull with the two Sworda going through it that you can find on the Tuck Case if the Monarchs Playing Cards. But the image on the Tuck Case is really small so i wanted to ask you if there is anywhere a bigger and nice detailed Picture of the Skull. Thanks...
  10. A

    Amazon sells black and white monarchs?

    I recently was given some original blue monarchs bought from Amazon. When I opened the packaging, I saw standard monarchs. I soon realized that the tuck case was black with gold foil instead of navy blue. Next, I checked all of the cards under a bright flashlight to be sure,and sure enough the...
  11. P

    New Monarchs

    I came late into the game where the only Monarch playing cards available are the Blue, Green, and Red. I understand the other limited edition monarchs being just that, limited. But TXI should make more color variants of monarchs! Orange, pink, whatever. Maybe even do another run through of the...
  12. Justin.Morris

    Monarchs Family

    Sorry, this is not much of a thought provoking thread. I was recently going through my collection of decks and came to the realization that I have acquired all of the different decks in the Monarchs series. Pretty cool. I hadn't really thought about it, but it's kinda neat. Top Row: Original...
  13. W

    Gold Monarchs

    Hey guys, I've been in magic/cardistry for a while, but I'm new to the Theory11 site. I have almost all of the different variations of the Monarchs, and I really want the gold ones to complete my collection. Somebody may have already asked this and I just missed it, but is there any way to get...
  14. Antonio Diavolo

    Should I open my Gold Monarchs?

    Just got my Gold Monarchs from T11 in the mail today. I'm debating opening them. I don't think I'll resell them but I'm not sure if I want to open them or not. Then again, what's the point of having them if I don't take them out at some point. What do you guys think?

    Review & What's Next?

    So, I literally stumbled onto Theory11 due to the NPH playing cards, and I found so much more... I burned through tons of decks of plain old Bicycle's practicing cardistry. My fans, folds, shuffles, springs, the works. I also picked up a few slight-of-hand maneuvers that REALLY dressed things...
  16. Antonio Diavolo

    Silver Monarchs?

    Anyone know where I can get this deck? Theory 11 had them "unlimited" for awhile but I never picked one up. The only one I can find is $125 on eBay which is more than some Gold Monarch listings. Are they really that rare? I wouldn't think so. If I could find them elsewhere, how much would they...
  17. serubi

    Monarchs and this seal

    Howdy folks, I bought this deck of Monarchs back in 2012. I noticed the seal is different from all the others I've seen lately. I was hoping someone could explain what it means. Here's a photo: Now You See Me 2 edition (left with newer seal - 2016), Original Monarchs (right with old seal -...
  18. B

    A Review of the NYSM2 Monarchs

    I've had this deck for some time and I wanted to share my review on it for you all. The NYSM2 Limited Edition Monarchs (now sold out) were released around the same time as the movie. As a playing card collector I really wanted to get a few of these decks, some to use, and a couple to keep for...
  19. lolhammertime

    Difference between the NYSM2 deck and a regular Monarch deck?

    Hello! I recently saw that theory11 made a new limited deck for the upcoming NYSM2 movie. I know that the box is different, but that's the only thing I know. The cards look pretty much the same to me. Is there any difference I'm missing out on? Any slight color differences I overlooked? Thanks...
  20. N

    red monarchs

    Hi, I just received a my red monarchs deck and it did not contain a double backer. It had two cards . Is that the case now?
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