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  1. Sorry, this is not much of a thought provoking thread. I was recently going through my collection of decks and came to the realization that I have acquired all of the different decks in the Monarchs series. Pretty cool. I hadn't really thought about it, but it's kinda neat.

    Top Row: Original Print Blue Gold Monarchs; Regular Monarchs (White Blue/black); Silver Monarchs, Gold Monarchs
    Bottom Row: Red Monarchs; Green Monarchs; Now You See Me Edition Monarchs; Gold Monarchs

    My Favorites to use are the Red and Gold ones (The Gold are so nice!)
    The best Box is the Green by far. Feels super luxury.

    Which ones are your favorites?
  2. I love the look of the Gold (top row, White/Gold) ones

    Nice collection!
  3. I agree that the box for the Green Monarchs are the best. Love that it came with a D.B. as well. Those Silver Monarchs are beautiful!
  4. I still need to pick up the silver and white gold ones at some point
  5. Theory11 should run a sale on the Green ones right before St. Patrick's Day. It just happens to be my birthday that day as well. :)
  6. ID love to buy some Gold Monarchs if they ever get released again....
  7. I don't think they were ever available to purchase directly. I got mine from spending over $100 on black friday last year and they did the same about two years ago. It's also the prize for some Saturday Night Contests, potentially the puzzle pyramid, and the winter wheel thing.
  8. They have not ever been available for direct purchase. They are only available as a gift with purchase, contest prizes, as a random chance deck in the Pyramid Puzzle Box, or if we have a reason to send you something cool.

    // L
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  9. Thought so. Thanks Lyle!
  10. Ah righto!

    I only thought so because it says sold out so assumed it was due to purchase

    I see they’re available if you have enough points...although I need an extra 2500 more points to get them
  11. I'm trying to find the ever elusive silver monarchs from 11 Madison Park in NYC. The tuck is exactly the same as the white/silver monarchs except it says the restaraunts name where in the bottom center like how "now you see me 2" is featured in that other version.
  12. Ooh I didn't realize that those existed! Thanks!
  13. The cards inside are different too... ;-)

    // L
  14. Are there other monarch decks out there too?
  15. There are small variations out there (tiny design changes), but aside from that, this is the full list to my recollection:

    1. Pre-Release Monarchs (gold ink on navy blue cards, gold foil on navy blue tuck)
    2. Original Monarchs (white on navy blue cards, gold foil on navy blue tuck)
    3. White Monarchs (gold ink on white cards, gold foil on white tuck)
    4. Silver Monarchs (black ink on white cards, silver foil on white tuck)
    5. Eleven Madison Park Monarchs (same colors as White Monarchs, modified tuck front, special card faces for use in a magic trick done during dinner service at EMP)
    6. Red Monarchs V1 (white on red cards, gold foil on a light red tuck)
    7. Green Monarchs (white on green cards, gold foil on green tuck)
    8. White Gold Monarchs (basically, White Monarch V2)
    9. Red Monarchs V2 (white on red cards, gold foil on a darker red tuck)
    10. NYSM2 Monarchs (white on black cards, silver foil on black tuck)
    11. Gold Monarchs (gold foil on black cards, gold foil on gold tuck)


    // L
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