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  1. Hi,
    I just received a my red monarchs deck and it did not contain a double backer. It had two cards . Is that the case now?
  2. All newer printings of the Monarch deck contain two ad cards instead of one ad card and one double-backer.

    // L
  3. Interesting choice. Do you find the ad cards help promote T11 more? Do people share them with colleagues or something like that?
  4. They make for a good laugh when you force one on a spectator for a card trick.
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  5. I received a deck of the normal monarchs last week and it was also missing a double backer, it's sad that they stopped including it... On another note, how do the reds compare to the originals?
  6. Basically- the back's color.
    I chose them because I usually use red cards over blue.
  7. I found some Monarchs at Barnes and Noble. It might have something to do with exposure. Generally regular decks don't come with gaffs like that. Some magicians might not be happy that you could get gaffs at Barnes and Noble.
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  8. I think more than anything, magicians would be happy since they could get the decks without shipping. If a layman came across a DB, they would probably think it was misprinted or something. I'm really curious as to the percentage of people who buy T11 cards from B&N for non-magic or non-cardistry purposes.
  9. I honestly was never huge on monarchs, I mean they are cool, however I find them quite bland sometimes.
  10. My 1st deck of Monarchs were the green, and they are top quality. In fact, they're the best deck I've ever owned. I just purchased a deck of red and the new NYSM deck and, compared to the green, they are of far lesser quality (cards & box). I'm disappointed in Theory 11. It appears (like so much else) the quality has been reduced while the price remains the same to increase the profit margin. Now, I wish I bought a dozen green decks. I'll never buy Monarchs again.
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    Hey George,

    Thanks for reaching out! The only thing we changed between the Green and Red decks was the paper that was used to make the tuck case. Everything else is identical. In fact, the faces of your Green and Red Monarch decks may have even been printed as a part of the exact same print run! Otherwise, identical card stocks, finish, foils, inks, embossing, etc were all used by the same manufacturers. There was no reduction in quality. The NYSM2 decks were never printed in the same print run, however they also used all of the same materials and reflected the same quality.

    All of the Monarchs decks use unique papers for their tuck cases. Some are really different, but they all offer their own unique feel and texture. The green deck happens to use a very unique, heavy duty paper. We specifically created this paper (it did not exist before!) in order to get the rich, deep, dark green color you see today. The feel of that paper is quite different from our other Monarch decks, but does not reflect any drop in quality.

    If you have a deck that you feel was of lower quality, let our support team know at with the details. If you received a defective deck we can take care of that for you. We value quality above all else, especially in our Monarch line of playing cards.

    Have an awesome week!

    // L
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  12. My favorite monarchs are the gold and the red ones. The Green has by far the nicest box.

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