Hope you can check my new vid on youtube!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by georgeschouchani1, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, this is the link to my video on a channel that I have just started!
    Hope you guys from the magic community could encourage me and review my trick and presentation!
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  2. I didn't get a chance to look at the whole thing but it looks awesome. The only pointer would be to not pause on the pickups.
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  3. Thanks it really means alot!
  4. Nice little routine!

    I could point out that the sleights need some work (the false shuffle and the DL's in particular), but that will come with time. None of us were born experts!

    However, what the right hand is doing it way too obvious. Firstly, the motion is much to big to not notice (the left had pretending to brush dust of the table is not really doing much to misdirect even the first time, let alone the fourth!), plus it's going completely out of sight for far too long to not be suspicious. I understanding from a method point of view why it needs to happen, but there are better ways to achieve this, such as false shuffles and cuts between each ace production.

    To end on a positive note, your Snap Change is way better then mine! Also, nice that you didn't fill the routine with a tonne of unnecessary fancy shuffles. Was a nice clean, clear routine.

    Keep it up.

  5. Hey Rev, thank you for your opinion man and yes you are totally right and I will work on these aspects for future videos! I hope that I could keep you up to date for my new video coming up soon these few days.
    BTW I checked your channel and you have great content! Just subscribed
    Have a good day!
  6. Good concept of incorporating colour changes in 4 ace production. Though I don't know why you have chosen the name oblivion for this. Doesn't Oblivion means to forget?
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  7. Oh yeah, this reminded me of something else I meant to say: Lose the quotes and definition nonsense at the beginning. It's not mysterious and just comes across as pretentious.

  8. It looks great! How long time have you been doing magic?:)
    The one thing I think you should improve is your get-ready for the double-lift. Have you tried a pinkycount or hit double?

  9. My first comment is that I have to wait 40 seconds before you get to the trick -- cut the intro stuff. At the most basic level, your mechanics grip is too deep. The tips of your fingers should be level with the top of the deck. The deck should float on your hand - not touching your palm. Having the deck higher in the hand (in the proper grip) gives a sense that what you are doing is more "open" while having it deeper makes it look like you are hiding something. Also, you should not have your thumb over the top of the deck, especially when you are doing a DL. The thumb should be on the side of the deck. Your get ready for your DL takes too long. By doing the get ready in the corner it is apparent you are doing "something" because there is no justification for you touching the corner of the deck. A pinkie count, push off or strike double would be much better. When you do a laydown on the double, you should lay the cards down square - not offset. The natural bend of the cards works to your advantage. Your get ready for Shapeshifter takes too long. You should have the break immediately upon doing the turnover of the top card (or even before you do the turnover) before you replace it. If done right, it doesn't look like the card is replaced and picked up, but only that you are hovering the card over the deck to use your left hand fingers to do the flip. As Rev said, the deck can't go out of view in a video -- it just looks suspicious.
  10. Some nicely performed sleights for sure, although some of the more basic ones needed work and grated a bit. The main one, as others have said, is your 'get ready' for the DL. Check out Jason Englands video here on Theory11 for probably the best $7 I've ever spent on magic. No more faffing around for doubles!
  11. Ninolong
    could you provide a link for DL by Jason Englands video


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