1. P

    Stranger things box set review

    I am a huge theory11 fan. You might not know it because, in the past, on this forum, I have posted areas I thought could be improved, but this is going to be different. I will start by saying that the Stranger Things box set is awesome. The price is awesome, the value is awesome, the design is...
  2. Davis West

    Flap 2.0 Review

    I have been looking around and seeing some reviews here and there for Hondo Chen's "Flap 2.0". I wanted to post a detailed review. I bought this recently and have made a few successful flap cards since. I also own the original Flap download to make comparisons. It is important to say that you...
  3. A

    Billet Knife

    Hey guys. I'm trying to buy a billet knife. I want to do a card to soccer ball effect. The only one that I've seen online is the poor boy billet knife Does anybody who own it know if the knife if it is strong enough to cut a soccer ball or if it would work for the effect that I'm trying to make...
  4. netyjoon

    ITZY ICY fan sign event | Kpop Girl group singer ITZY reacts magic!

    Today I'm uploading the 190803 Kpop Girl Group ITZY ICY fan sign event It was really fun and a great time. I performed magic to ITZY members You can see their priceless reaction. I hope they enjoyed my magic...:) Please enjoy the video. Here is my magic product list what I used. 1. Fun...
  5. netyjoon

    MF-JOON magic review : Silhouette by Tobias Dostal magic review

    Today review is a really special product review. I`m gotta review about the Silhouette by Tobias Dostal Silhouette by Tobias Dostal is received favorable reviews from many magicians. You can perform the shadow routine with your smartphone. It's really worth to buy. Please enjoy the video...
  6. netyjoon

    MF-JOON`S MAGIC REVIEW: WOW 3 by Masuda Katsuya

    Today I`m gotta review really legendary magic product review I`ll review WOW 3 by Masuda Katsuya. It`s really nice product. it`s the best magic products to buy. Please enjoy the video. Please click like button and subscribe button! - My English isn`t good enough but I tried my best. -...
  7. James Wise Magic

    Magic Review - Mint Box by Daniel Garcia

    Here is my review of Mint Box by Daniel Garcia sold here on theory11. I hope this helps anyone thinking of purchasing this:
  8. K

    Tavern on the Green - Video Review

    Theory 11 may have outdone themselves here. Tavern on the Green is my favorite T11 deck to date. Check out my review here:
  9. netyjoon

    magic review video - Rainbow by higa

    Hello. I`m MF-JOON and I`m magic review youtuber in south korea. Recently, I think I figure out the product that Shin Lim used on AGT 2019. It`s phantom card in Rainbow by higa. I also using this product. It`s really great. I highly recommend to you. please check my review video. If you`re...
  10. D

    Mind reading tips and help plz?

    So I just read mind reading by Richard Webster and it was hard to follow because you need companion or assistant . So my question is: 1. Can I learn mentalism without assistance? there any tips for rookie or beginner?
  11. J


    I purchased Dresscode because I was very fascinated by the idea of the trick. The package arrived very quickly in a very nicely decorated box. The move was very simple and does not take long to set up and it is very cool to use always leaving friends and strangers very confused and impressed. If...
  12. kennethcmerrill

    Fooling Houdini - Book Review (what's with all the exposure?)

    As a neophyte amateur magician, I was delighted at the anecdotes and insights Alex Stone provides in his autobiographical account of magic culture. As someone who takes magic very seriously and takes secrecy as a real responsibility, I was horrified at just how much exposure there is in this...
  13. PeterGray

    Newbie Reviews / Spidey Edition

    First a quick introduction. I am a 33 year old marketing director who is just now returning to magic after a twenty year hiatus. I have been practicing magic for roughly a month at the time of this initial post. These posts are designed to provide insights and opinions for other beginners in...
  14. samtheillusionist

    Insane Rubicks Cube Street Magic!

    Hello brother/sister magicians, I am a magician and I have made a video on street magic which has gone viral in the place I live and I would like your feedback on the same: Gangtok, Sikkim, India reacts to street magic! Thanks! Youtube Channel to magic videos...
  15. G

    Hope you can check my new vid on youtube!

    Hey guys, this is the link to my video on a channel that I have just started! Hope you guys from the magic community could encourage me and review my trick and presentation!
  16. Donovan_Kelly

    Union Playing Cards Review

    I bought the Union Playing Cards from Theory 11 and I have to say I LOVE THESE CARDS! They are so smooth when you use them for flourishes, they look fantastic and they feel even better. The box is unlike anything I've ever seen, and you can tell that they put lots of thought into the aesthetics...
  17. B

    A Review of the NYSM2 Monarchs

    I've had this deck for some time and I wanted to share my review on it for you all. The NYSM2 Limited Edition Monarchs (now sold out) were released around the same time as the movie. As a playing card collector I really wanted to get a few of these decks, some to use, and a couple to keep for...
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