Newbie Reviews / Spidey Edition

Nov 8, 2017
First a quick introduction. I am a 33 year old marketing director who is just now returning to magic after a twenty year hiatus. I have been practicing magic for roughly a month at the time of this initial post. These posts are designed to provide insights and opinions for other beginners in regards to products and tricks I have purchased. The review page for the products on this webpage is fine for "at-a-glance" impressions, but I felt that a post more narrowly focused towards those who are just getting into magic might be helpful. So without further ado:


This was one of the first of three videos I purchased from Spidey. The effect is mind blowing. In terms of difficulty for a beginner I would say it is toward the moderate side of things, requiring a few techniques that those unfamiliar with basic sleight-of-hand will need to practice. That said, the sleights used are probably things that any aspiring magician should practice anyway.

Out of the videos I have so far purchased this is my favorite. The effect is astounding, the way the entire thing unfolds is elegant and really does feel more like a psychological experiment than a card trick, which appeals to me and my interest in mentalism and mental magic.

Beginner Rating: **** (one star deducted since it does require some assembly and proficiency with basic sleights).

Sneak Peek

This, along with the following trick Shredder are some of the few tricks I have performed for strangers. The technique is easy to learn, fun to practice and absolutely devious when unleashed on unsuspecting spectators at the local bars and restaurants. It was even more enjoyable confounding and confusing my boss. Spidey does an absolutely outstanding job explaining not only the mechanics of the trick but provides advice on performance and justification, which I found enormously helpful.

After watching the video I was astonishing my wife with this effect within fifteen minutes. This is an absolute must for the beginning magician, in my opinion. It is simple, devious and if you carry around business cards and a pen you already have everything you need.

Beginner Rating: *****


Another billet effect but slightly more dramatic in my opinion. This trick is the other effect I have performed in public for strangers. When the table I was performing for demanded I repeat Sneak Peek I simply told them I was going to make it even harder and performed Shredder. They were suitably blown away which left me feeling great.

The effect, like Sneak Peek, is easy to learn and explained very well by Spidey. This particular effect took a little more practice before it looked natural and smooth, but within two hours I was confident enough to show it to people I had never met before in a public setting. It is slightly angle sensitive but not so much that a new magician will need to spend an inordinate amount of time managing the crowd. It is very similar to Sneak Peek in this regard. Once again, I feel that this is a trick that every new magician should have in their toolbox. Spidey is a fantastic teacher and this is a fantastic, easy to learn effect.

Beginner Rating: *****

I will update this thread when I purchase Out Of My Mind and Transcript and once my envelopes arrive. Thank you!
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