1. V

    Tally Ho Vs Bicycle

    Hey guys, So I am a beginner to Cardistry, and from what I've gathered, people seem to generally like Tally Ho's better compared to bicycles. But from were I come from, cards are not as readily available, so is it worth it to buy a brick of Tally Hos if it will cost me twice as much as buying a...
  2. JoeyFive

    Obligatory New Guy Post

    Hi guys, I'm new, just wanted to introduce myself! I'm a magician and MC down in the gulf coast and I am always trying to come up with new ideas for effects. I just wanted to be able to share them and talk with other people who are also obsessed with magic.
  3. PeterGray

    Newbie Reviews / Spidey Edition

    First a quick introduction. I am a 33 year old marketing director who is just now returning to magic after a twenty year hiatus. I have been practicing magic for roughly a month at the time of this initial post. These posts are designed to provide insights and opinions for other beginners in...
  4. I

    Help to reverse a spell (new witch)

    So 2 days ago I casted a love spell on someone. It wasn't black magic I just invited him to approach me with his own will. I still regret it though and I want to undo it but I don't know how. Can somebody help please? I also used a candle and a piece of paper to cast it if that's helpful. Should...
  5. R

    New to Magic, Need Help with Definitions

    Hello everyone! I am new to magic and I just got The Expert at the Card Table today. I was looking through it and saw quite a bit on a technique called a shift. The issue is, I have no idea what that is... If anyone could kindly let me know what that is, I would be very appreciative. Also, if...
  6. serubi

    Monarchs and this seal

    Howdy folks, I bought this deck of Monarchs back in 2012. I noticed the seal is different from all the others I've seen lately. I was hoping someone could explain what it means. Here's a photo: Now You See Me 2 edition (left with newer seal - 2016), Original Monarchs (right with old seal -...
  7. Henrymaji

    Magic tricks videos

  8. Henrymaji

    New magic tricks show Henry Maji

  9. mkitching

    New to magic, need some advice/reccomendations

    Hello, I have watched youtube videos from 52kards and disturb reality. I am able to do a decent double lift, and I am good at some tricks like the two card monte. I was wondering what the best route is to learn the best. Some questions I have are: What are the best books to buy? Any youtubers...
  10. mattstephens12

    I'm new to magic, any advice?

    I'm pretty new to magic and cardistry (about a month in). Now that I've got the basics (a clean double lift, a fast Sybil cut, a couple good forces and jumps) does anyone have any advice on how to move forward such as good tricks to learn or decks I need in my collection? Any tips would be great!
  11. S

    New to Mentalism. Looking for Experienced Advice

    I've been into magic for some time now, trying to find what type works for me. After about five or so years of experimenting with different genres, I.e., card, coin, general, etc., I'm at the point in my life where these just aren't my cup of tea anymore. I've been somewhat obsessed with trying...
  12. Qaiser  S.

    new forum member

    Hey! I've been a T11 member for about 3 years now, but i never used the forums, just thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Qaiser ( pronounced ky-zer ) yes i know its weird lol, I'm 18 years old freshly graduated from high school, class of 2015, college freshman. I'm from Seattle, Washington...
  13. CharlieNevers

    Effect name!? (Spinning card)

    Hey guys, before you start telling me 'Pirouette flourish' or 'boomerang spinner'. Theres this trick thats been on youtube and instagram a lot recently. Heres a summary: Card is selected, signed. Placed faced up or down (marked?) and the an ace or joker is span around in the entre, stopping...
  14. T

    Books to Get

    So I've been casually doing card tricks for about a year now for friends and family and I figured now's a good time to start buying some legit magic books. I can do basic false cuts, double lifts, etc. and I'd say I'm at a late beginner, early intermediate level. I do tricks mostly for people at...
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