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  1. I've been into magic for some time now, trying to find what type works for me. After about five or so years of experimenting with different genres, I.e., card, coin, general, etc., I'm at the point in my life where these just aren't my cup of tea anymore. I've been somewhat obsessed with trying to find a form of magic that gets a bit more personal, and is more "real", if you get what I mean.
    Now, I'm not saying that other types of magic aren't as amazing as mentalism(for those of you who may take offense somehow by such neutral statements; I say this because I've just been awed by the arguments on these things), because some of the effects I've been lucky enough to see have left me just... well, amazed(and most of these have either been coin or card tricks, some, even, of the simplest nature). I believe every form of magic is truly special in its own right, but I'm just more focused on this type right now because it's always had a hold on me since I was a child, and the reason I've put most other types ahead of it, is that I wanted to see if any might gain the same type of hold on me as mentalism. Obviously not.
    So now, I'm looking for ideas and references that focus mainly on up close routines as opposed to stage routines, not that I couldn't modify any such ideas for the prior, but I'd rather have a solid foundation of understanding before I start trying to tangle myself in modifying already existing works of art along with respect to the fact that I'm more of an up close performer.
    Also, I'm trying to keep my magic as, I guess, "pure", for lack of a better word, so if anyone will bother reading all of this, and hopefully give me something to help get me going in the right direction, I would be beyond grateful.
  2. I have no experience with mentalism and very little experience with magic (only about a year), however I think you may be asking the wrong question, I think you shouldn't be looking for advice. I believe you should be asking for sources, ask for what books you should read about it ect. (This is all of course if I am understanding your message correctly and not being dumb)
  3. Actually, that helped clarify my question a lot more. Thanks for that. But I didn't want to just leave it at sources for effects, in the sense of merely material to look up, but i also wanted to see if anybody could give me some tips on how or where I can find ways to help me develop a performance style as well as a routine. Nonetheless, I appreciate your clarification, as it may help other people understand what I'm looking to gain from this thread.
  4. Something really important to keep in mind: Mentalism and magic are not the same thing. They require different approaches. Understand that when you perform mentalism you will not be "doing tricks". You will, supposedly, be demonstrating real skills. Sometimes you really will be.

    Pick up Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals. Read it. Study it. Look at the list of suggested resources at the end of it, and continue studying.
  5. It's been so long since I've had time to comment on this thread. I'm sorry to everyone here who's given me such invaluable advice- most of which, I have indeed taken to heart and have found a much clearer path that has helped me understand mentalism in a deeper manner as opposed to its mere definition. I've checked out some of Bob Cassidys work and was mind blown. I've been wanting to get my hands on the 13 steps but was busy saving for college. I've managed to find a persona for myself as well as even develop some structure into my routines, thanks to a book I got for christmas, Prism, by Max Maven. I can honestly say I was humbled by the simplicity and near universality of the routines contained therein. I have to say thanks to everyone who has offered me their time andexperience. I honestly hope that one day I'll be able to pass on thisknowledge with as much confidence and experience as all of you gohave so kindly done.
    Also, thanks to tricksofthesleight for literally pointing me in the right direction for posting this.
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  6. 13 Steps is fine but I'd look at Anneman's Practical mental Effects. It's a little more accessible in my opinion.
  7. Thank you for that. I'll definitely look into it then
  8. Interesting discussion! I am fairly new to magic and this forum. I did do magic as a kid but until I recently retired I did not have time to dedicate to it. I am now working at it primarily focused on entertaining kids including my 6 Grandkids. The point I want to make here is that I believe magic is an art form. Although I made my living in Business Management, I have always had to have artistic hobbies in my life. I play a banjo and guitar. I love to paint watercolor and Oils. I also write some poetry, I do all of this for relaxation and fun not for money, just for pure that I have time, magic has been added to my joys of life.

    The point of this is to say that as you grow and have life experiences your desire and focuses will change, frequently for the better. Enjoy what you do now recognizing that it is probably just a stepping stone to bigger and better art least that has been my experience.
  9. To be frank, it's very difficult for me to find or make time for Mentalism let alone magic in its entirety. Between work and family it's hard to just walk a mile to a park and casually perform for strangers. However, when I do have time, I definitely take advantage of it.
    I look at mentalism in quite the same light as you and belief that it is indeed an art form and must be respected as much. I hope that you do well with your newly procured, or rather, rediscovered hobby, and that it may bring you as much, if not more joy to your life as it has mine
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