Mind reading tips and help plz?

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  1. So I just read mind reading by Richard Webster and it was hard to follow because you need companion or assistant .

    So my question is:

    1. Can I learn mentalism without assistance?
    2.is there any tips for rookie or beginner?
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  2. Yes, of course you can learn mentalism without an assistance. Look for the book PRACTICAL MENTAL MAGIC, any DVDs by Peter Turner, tricks by Ran Pink, DVDs by Bob Cassidy, Books by Banachek, Books by Max Maven, tricks by Luke Jermay

    There's a lot out there - go to your favorite place to buy magic and look up some of those recommendations, and buy something that jumps out at you.
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  3. Practical Mental Magic(Practical Mental Effects) is free to read online at lybrary.com . All thats required is you sign up for a free account.
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  4. 1. Yes, you can.
    2. Buy Banachek's Penguin Lecture. Trust me. You will be glad that you did.
  5. Get Banachek Psi Series and 13 steps to Mentalism
  6. If you can find it, 13 Steps to Mentalism book from Cordina is a well known and suggested option. I'm going through it myself right now.

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