1. The Budding Artist

    Mentalism: Live Lectures

    Hello! Out of all the live lectures, what has been your favorite live lecture that deals with mentalism? I want to get one for zoom calls and cannot decide which! Thanks:)
  2. Mindseer

    No Plastic Campaign

    Buenos diaz amigo, I am Gavin Adam, 28yo, I am a professional Mental performer. I need suggest from you guys. On march, 8th 2020 I will perform magic for no plastic campaign, I little bit confusing to choose any tricks for my routine. EO of the event want me to put message in my performance...
  3. D

    Mind reading tips and help plz?

    So I just read mind reading by Richard Webster and it was hard to follow because you need companion or assistant . So my question is: 1. Can I learn mentalism without assistance? there any tips for rookie or beginner?
  4. B

    Impossible Prediction Idea

    I recently purchased some Akkelian Envelopes. They're gimmicked, so you can know what a specator wrote inside of them. I'm developing a routine, where once I know the "word" they wrote, I could maybe somehow use the one ahead principle to "predict" what word they chose. Basically, I need...
  5. Gabriel Z.

    Schizophrenic Magicians?

    Hello, I am curious to know if there is a large population of mentally ill card handlers or even magicians in general for that matter? I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia some time ago(roughly 2008). This is a question that has been on my mind for some time now, but just got around to...
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