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  1. A

    History and idea suggestions

    A few years back I create an effect that I call "Double Coincidence". The effect required 2 spectators, the first spectator shuffle the deck and pick a card (keeping it secret from everybody including itself), the second spectator name a card, and the card named match the picked card. I want to...
  2. C

    Sigaba - the new mentalism font

    Hello, just want to share my new idea. It's a mentalism font I called SIGABA. I use it in my corporate shows, ZOOM shows, weddings... Here is a quick preview: SIGABA is a powerful tool to enhanced your revelations. The app allows you to convert a word into an app. You can show a series of...
  3. M

    Good Mentalism Effects!

    Hi! I’m new to this website, but does anyone have any good recommendations for mentalism tricks! My budget is up to $150ish
  4. 7


    I don't know if this apllies to this thread but I was wondering if there are some free mentalism effects online... thanks to all who responds
  5. D

    Mind reading tips and help plz?

    So I just read mind reading by Richard Webster and it was hard to follow because you need companion or assistant . So my question is: 1. Can I learn mentalism without assistance? there any tips for rookie or beginner?
  6. M

    Is Female Mentalist Rebecca Herrera Too Pretty to be in Magic?

    Is this the age of female magicians? If so, this is GREAT. Rebecca Herrera fooled Penn & Teller on episode 7 of 'Fool Us' - She becomes the first British female to confound the big guys of magic - - - The effect was original rather than a copy so I was extra impressed. Unfortunately, the...
  7. N

    Classic and Modern Mentalism.

    Mentalism is pretty powerful. Sometimes classics like Book Tests and ESP cards are enough to mesmerize the crowd. Today's world we are seeing such great ideas flowing with technology for Modern Mentalism. I just saw this and it looks like a little bit of both...
  8. KoryB87


    need help! I want to get more into mentalism, but I’m finding it hard to get any info, I’m looking to find out the best material and information to master this art form, weather it be free or paid!? Thanks!
  9. C

    Card Predictions and a Hand Swap

    Hello, I am very new to magic, and this forum. I'm just wondering if there is a trick out there that someone performs like this: Person 1 selects a card at random, no forces, no tricks and you control a separate card into their hand. Lets say they pick a 2 of spades at random and you give them...
  10. Arif Ammirul

    Trick name?

  11. Antonio Diavolo

    Bottle Bend Trick

    Anyone know the name of this one trick where you can bend a (seemingly) ordinary glass bottle? I remember seeing it somewhere and I'm totally blanking on the name.
  12. Arif Ammirul

    Impromptu mentalism books?

    Based on a few books i have read, I mostly see that the effects are for stage and table mentalism. Are there any books i can purchase and read that does not require things such as a table, an assistant, a suit , etc. I'm looking for things that i can do casually (preferably standing with a...
  13. Arif Ammirul

    Impromptu mentalism.

    I've been reading a few books on mentalism but most of them are for stage performance and set-up tricks. Is there any good mentalism effects where people can just come to me and say"Hey magic man! Do a trick for us" and that i would be prepared even without preparing anything before hand?
  14. Antonio Diavolo

    Best Silverware Bending Effect?

    What would you say is the best, mostly impromptu silverware bending effect? I'd prefer not to have to use a gimmick but regardless of that, what would you say is the best? I've heard great things about Liquid Metal but what do you guys think? Also, if I don't own the original Liquid Metal, is...
  15. Arif Ammirul

    Where do i start in mentalism?

    I've read colossal killer and fundamentals (great books) but I don't think that is enough. Are there any suggestions?
  16. D

    Is this original enough and would you pay for this?

    I wanna publish my first effect on the market, but I'm not sure if it's original enough and I can't decide the price for it, it's basically an imaginary which hand routine, here's how the effect goes : The first three phase is just guessing where the imaginary coin is The first one, I told them...
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