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  1. Hello,

    I am very new to magic, and this forum. I'm just wondering if there is a trick out there that someone performs like this:

    Person 1 selects a card at random, no forces, no tricks and you control a separate card into their hand. Lets say they pick a 2 of spades at random and you give them a separate card without their knowledge to hold to in between their hands. Then you ask them to think of a card, any card, and that card will be the card one of their colleagues (Person 2) picks, lets say they say the 4 of hearts. You force the original card that was picked into Person 2's hands and they hold onto it tightly, so now Person 2 has the 2 of spades. You then ask them both to look at the cards in their hand and it's reversed so person 1 who thought they had the 2 of spades now has the 4 of hearts, and person 2 who thought they were given the 4 of hearts has the 2 of spades.

    I cannot perform this. I'm looking to find a way to control a card that someone will think of after the fact without actually bringing the card they have back into my hand for a switch or something. I don't even know if this is possible. Can anyone guide me in the right direction, to methods, videos, books or whatever else?

  2. Hmmm. I can think of a way to do It, but in a different way. Infact,I have a similar effect I created that accomplishes something similar with blank cards, and if I pair it witg something else, the effect could ne accomplished. However, it is a lot more important for you to learn the basics first, as this method requires some advanced moves and heavy misdisection, which you can only learn through performance and practice.

    What have you studied and learned so far?

    There are some similar effects that are a lot easier to do. Check out Switchcraft or a handful of tricks from the royal road.
  3. I've learned a few things like the top change, riffle force, the straddle pass, double lifts, the uses of double backs, Asi Winds ACAAN although I haven't memorized the mnemonica stack. Mostly basic stuff, and I'm sure there is lots more to learn! I've seen posts like this talking about mentalism, and everyone is referred back to the basics, but what basics should I go to?
  4. So what are you looking into learning? I'm assuming card magic is one of the fields you really want? Books are definitely the way to go. They give you a well rounded course in whatever the topic is. I'm just going to copy a post I try and give everyone that ask, and then a lot of people add to it. It's a good list to look over. It's kind of the "affordable book list", and I know for a fact that there are more out here.

    For basic sleight of hand, A Great place to start is The Royal Road to Card Magic. It is a great beginner source. It will work you up from the very basics, all the way up to more advanced moves. It has a ton of tricks in it, as well as presentation. It will keep you occupied for ages! After you finish it, also check out Expert Card Technique. It is essentially part 2 of the Royal Road, but much more advanced stuff. You can also get The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, which is similar to these two, but is much more open, with new principals coming into play. All of these are roughly about $10 each.

    If you are looking for more so Self Working Card Tricks, or Tricks that don't require too much sleight of hand, pick up Scarne on Card Tricks or Card College Light. Self working tricks are great because they allow you to create amazing presentations. Scarne on Cards is 155 tricks, most of which are self working/semi automatic, and a few that require some basic sleight of hand. It costs about $10. Card College Light is part of a Trilogy (alongside it's brothers "Lighter" and "Lightest") by Roberto Giobbi. It is amazing self working stuff, a long with a ton more. It even teaches you super advanced moves that are done with self working methods (Mainly Card College Lightest. Check out THIS thread for more info on it. You're gonna have to read through a few posts on it. Roberto Giobbi has also written a 5 volume course entitled "Card College". It covers a ton of card magic, all the way up to advanced stuff. However, buying all 5 books is very pricey, so the Royal Road is a great alternative (the Royal Road still has a ton of info in it, and is only $10 for a paperback copy).

    There are a ton more books you can pick up, but this is where I would start.

    One of the best beginner coin magic books is J. B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Most coin magicians would recommend you start there. It is also very cheap ($10)

    A lot of Coin Magic can be applied to Ring Magic too! However, there isn't a major book on Ring Magic (at least as far as I can find), but there are a ton of effects out there on the market that will be of use.

    I have no experience with Mentalism (as of yet), but I do know that a lot of Mentalists recommend Theodore Annemann's Practical Mental Magic. If I am wrong about this, I'm sure someone will correct me and give you a better book :D Also very cheap btw.

    All Around
    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic is a HUGE book that covers almost all aspects of magic; Cards, Money, Rope, Sponge balls, Cups & Balls, Make at Home & Impromptu, Mental, Bets, Handkerchiefs, even full on Stage Ilusions! Now, the link I gave you says $15, but I have found people selling it for 3 - 5 dollars. It is very cheap and easy to get a hold of. Check the "more sellers" or look for it on ebay. You may even have a local magic store that might be selling it!

    The Tarbell Course in Magic is a 8 Volume course put that covers almost all aspects of magic (literally almost everything available at the time of it's printing as far as the categories are concerned. Obviously, new things have been discovered, such as magic with your phone, or with a picture, but for the most part, everything is covered). It even goes over non performance stuff like advertising. It is however VERY pricey, a very tough read (in my opinion, if not just for the shear size of it). Thus, I would recommend getting a pretty good grip of magic before trying to tackle it.

    Hope this was of help!

    If you want more help, or more direct info about a topic, I will be happy to help! Also, if you are looking for some easy products you can buy and practice, then go out and perform to your friends as a one time trick, I can help you with that too!

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