1. Antonio Diavolo

    Sources on equivoque?

    I feel like good equivoque can be a really powerful tool but most examples I've seen of it are really poorly done. I feel fairly comfortable forcing decisions regarding 2-3 objects using it (for example tricks where they have to pick one of two coins or piles of cards) but trying to narrow down...
  2. The Budding Artist

    Secret Force?!?

    Hello! I have a question. Does anyone know the name of the force used in this video: ? (Starts at 2:53). If not, do you know any similar? Thank you so much! Have a great day. Sincerely, The Budding Magician
  3. JLAndersonMagic

    Favorite Card Teleportation?

    Hello everyone! One of the most powerful tricks I do is a card teleportation based off of one of Alex Rangel's tricks. So I was wondering if anyone had any favorites to share, leave links to, or have any ideas?
  4. Y

    Bicycle Force Deck?

    Hi guys, I'm new here so if I'm doing something wrong I'm sorry. I was talking about magic with a friend yesterday and he showed me this awesome bicycle deck he had- its a force deck in which every odd numbered card from the top is the Jack of Diamonds and the rest of the cards are random...
  5. BenP7

    Forcing card from the table

    Hi guys, So im working on an effect where I need the spectator to choose a forced card from a selection of cards on the table. So there are 9 cards on the table in a row and I need the spectator to choose a pre-selected card by either bringing there finger down onto it, or naming it allowed...
  6. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    question about history of a force

    hey guys i have purchase them petersons the known and as well predixtion by max maven if you know these trick then your probably familiar with the force i know them peterson doesnt credit anyone in his video and cant remember if max maven did, cant check the video cuz I'm on a different...
  7. Antonio Diavolo

    People don't like the cross cut force?

    I recently found out that quite a few magicians don't like the cross cut force. Is this the case for anyone here? If so, why? Because I personally think it's a very easy and deceptive force, especially because (from my experience) most laymen think of a force as "having one card pushed out more...
  8. Antonio Diavolo

    Best books on equivocation/magician's choice?

    I've always known how powerful a magician's choice trick can be but surprisingly, I do not have a single trick using this method in my repertoire. Where would be the best place for someone to learn equivocation/equivoque/magician's choice? Thanks Guys!
  9. S

    How to influence someone into thinking of a certain card

    I'd like to know if there is some way of forcing a card without a deck and where I can possibly find it.
  10. C

    Card Predictions and a Hand Swap

    Hello, I am very new to magic, and this forum. I'm just wondering if there is a trick out there that someone performs like this: Person 1 selects a card at random, no forces, no tricks and you control a separate card into their hand. Lets say they pick a 2 of spades at random and you give them...
  11. Momotheritz

    Invisible card

    Hello! I'm auditioning for Britain's Got Talent in two to three weeks, so I doing a last minute big change. I'm wondering whether I should buy Invisible card. The decision mostly depends on whether it requires a force or not, that is the most important issue. Thank you for any advice!
  12. kennethcmerrill

    Spring Force?

    Hi, I've seen a couple routines where it seems a card is forced by springing the deck from one hand to the other and asking the spectator to say "stop." They always stop on the forced card. Does anyone know a good resource for this?
  13. R

    Nate Staniforth Force

    I found this video while searching around for a force called the L'Homme Masque force. Anyone have any ideas about how it might work or the name of the techniques used?
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