How to influence someone into thinking of a certain card

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  1. I'd like to know if there is some way of forcing a card without a deck and where I can possibly find it.
  2. You can also learn a Magician's Choice Force.
  3. The best substitute for all those 'Psychological influencing forces' I know.
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  5. Not quite what I want though.
    I'll explain better: what I'm looking for is to walk up to someone, maybe talk to him for a brief moment or do whatever I must do, maybe even without a deck of cards, and yet get them to think of card that I forced.
    I don't even know if something like this exists.
    Tell me if my expectation are too high.
    Thanks in advance
  6. I personally don't do things like that but I think that is a little bit tricky. You forcing a card on them seems almost unrealistic unless you use magicians choice which you don't want. I think it makes sense if you have them think of a card and you can somehow guess that through questions or something. I bet you can find that in books.
  7. There is a method (for one specific card) on Docc Hilford Live that looks good and might not be too hard to learn. Psyche by Peter Turner comes with the Psychological Card Forces mentioned above, so you get extra material for about the same price. These methods will never be 100% accurate, especially if you haven't done them hundreds of times like these guys have, but there are ways.

    It's better to learn how to force a card from a deck, learn some more basic mentalism effects and then later try to get to what you are looking for. It is difficult to learn/practice your requested effect by itself. But yes, these methods do exist and people do use them. Again, the real answer to your question is 'learn mentalism'. Search for old threads on recommended reading and keep what you are after in mind as a long term goal, not a method to be learned in the short term. And no, these are not dependent on what language you use.
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  8. I do magicians choice with out a deck only takes a few seconds. Really strange to just ask someone to think of a card woth no prior influence on them.

    Prolly look into the psychological forced mentioned above.
  9. Yeah max Maven's magicians choice the best form of equivoque. He is so good at it! Look into his timing and stuff. So is Peter Turners stuff.
  10. Ok, thanks, I'll do as you say
  11. And as far as the language goes, you will run into the typical issues of having to change the way you talk about something in a different language, beyond translating the words. Overall it should work independent of language, but you will likely have to make some adaptations more for cultural differences. All the more reason to learn about mentalism before you try use these much.
  12. Okay, most psychological forces don't work as advertised. Working with Rick Lax we tried many and got a huge data set. Some of the most surefire faces only worked 1/5th of the time. This includes Daniel Madison's, Derren Brown's and Dai Vernon's versions. Is avoid those.

    Peter Turner's book is fun but it's basically a book on creative approaches to equivoque. If you don't like the magician's choice get this book and you'll see how clean it can be if you are creative. He uses some actual psi forces but he favors methods that are closer to equivoque in my view.

    I like Jim Steinmeyer's aproach with leaves and tools.

    Dani Daortiz'so version of the invisible deck is amazing.

    The Spring Board principle taught by Michael Murray is also great.

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