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  1. A

    History and idea suggestions

    A few years back I create an effect that I call "Double Coincidence". The effect required 2 spectators, the first spectator shuffle the deck and pick a card (keeping it secret from everybody including itself), the second spectator name a card, and the card named match the picked card. I want to...
  2. A

    Can mentalists actually guess numbers/words using body language, expressions, cues & suggestions?

    I've recently been looking into Lior Suchard and his performances like guessing PIN numbers or names. He doesn't claim to have any supernatural/psychic powers (e.g. he can't read thoughts directly), but instead uses body language, facial expressions & non-verbal cues to guess what number...
  3. The Budding Artist

    Spidey Live Lecture

    Hello! Has anyone watched Spidey’s live lecture? If so, what effects are taught? Thanks!
  4. The Budding Artist

    PK Touch

    Hello! Where can I start learning about the PK touch? Are there any cheap resources to start me off? Thanks!
  5. Arconik

    Fake Money? Real?

    I was watching Derren brown's documentary the other day and it showed a clip where he payed for a few things with blank pieces of paper, but made the cashier think it was money. I was surprised that I haven't seen this clip before and wonder how real it is. I never really looked into the more...
  6. Mindseer

    No Plastic Campaign

    Buenos diaz amigo, I am Gavin Adam, 28yo, I am a professional Mental performer. I need suggest from you guys. On march, 8th 2020 I will perform magic for no plastic campaign, I little bit confusing to choose any tricks for my routine. EO of the event want me to put message in my performance...
  7. D

    Mind reading tips and help plz?

    So I just read mind reading by Richard Webster and it was hard to follow because you need companion or assistant . So my question is: 1. Can I learn mentalism without assistance? there any tips for rookie or beginner?
  8. KoryB87

    Walk around Mentalism

    Hey everyone! Anyone have any books or downloads that will give me a couple ideas for tricks to do for walk around mentalism. I have all the basic mentalism books annemans and corinda and such! But just looking for some other trick ideas! Thanks!
  9. KoryB87

    Mentalism effect name???

    Hey guys, For those familiar with Chris Ramsay he does a trick where he gets the spectator to mix up cards and place eight face up and then turn on over..... when all is set in done those numbers are tattooed on his arm and the one that was flipped over is crossed out! I don’t want to be told...
  10. KoryB87

    Mentalism effect????

    Does anyone know where I could get and the name of the effect, where you have a spectator choose a card and when the deck is turned over it’s red and the selected card is blue??
  11. Antonio Diavolo

    Thoughts on WikiTest?

    Anyone have this app? I'd just like to hear your opinions on the app before I potentially spend $75 on it. Thanks guys!
  12. Antonio Diavolo

    Best books on equivocation/magician's choice?

    I've always known how powerful a magician's choice trick can be but surprisingly, I do not have a single trick using this method in my repertoire. Where would be the best place for someone to learn equivocation/equivoque/magician's choice? Thanks Guys!
  13. Antonio Diavolo

    Card prediction trick?

    There's this trick I've seen people use where a prediction is placed on the table at the beginning of the trick and a spectator names any card and it turns out to be the one on the table. I know it has a name but I'm totally blanking on it right now. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  14. KoryB87


    need help! I want to get more into mentalism, but I’m finding it hard to get any info, I’m looking to find out the best material and information to master this art form, weather it be free or paid!? Thanks!
  15. S

    How to influence someone into thinking of a certain card

    I'd like to know if there is some way of forcing a card without a deck and where I can possibly find it.
  16. T

    Where can I buy/learn that mental effect?

    Video (Select English subtitle) Does anyone know the name or any idea how to make that?
  17. B

    Impossible Prediction Idea

    I recently purchased some Akkelian Envelopes. They're gimmicked, so you can know what a specator wrote inside of them. I'm developing a routine, where once I know the "word" they wrote, I could maybe somehow use the one ahead principle to "predict" what word they chose. Basically, I need...
  18. D

    Is this original enough and would you pay for this?

    I wanna publish my first effect on the market, but I'm not sure if it's original enough and I can't decide the price for it, it's basically an imaginary which hand routine, here's how the effect goes : The first three phase is just guessing where the imaginary coin is The first one, I told them...
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