Bicycle Force Deck?

Dec 8, 2018
Hi guys, I'm new here so if I'm doing something wrong I'm sorry.

I was talking about magic with a friend yesterday and he showed me this awesome bicycle deck he had- its a force deck in which every odd numbered card from the top is the Jack of Diamonds and the rest of the cards are random. Each jack of diamonds is kind of stuck (invisible deck-style) to the random card below it so that if you fan or spread the cards they look completely normal, but the spectator can choose any card and it will still be the Jack of Diamonds (the Jack of Diamonds is on top of the other random cards, so if you touch any of the cards and then the magician kind of pushes that card off- again invisible deck style- it will be the Jack of Diamonds) . My friend didn't know what the deck was called; he just bought it on a sale, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this deck was, as it seems really great for my act.

Thanks for your help!
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