What should I check the magic review channel?

Jul 4, 2013

I`m doing a magic review youtube channel.

So I really need more information about the

Good magic youtube channel.

I already know the magic orthodoxy and

ekaterina magic.

But I think I need more know about the popular magic channel.

Is there any suggest to check out?
Here's what you do. Review the stuff, your way.

I CANNOT stress this enough!

The best thing I learned was to stop doing what everyone else is doing. I stopped being around magicians for a while. Not that I thought that I was better. I simply had immersed myself into magic so much, that their ways were starting to rub off on me.

That was not helpful my friend.

The first thing you should do is do things your way. Stop looking at their channel. Just step away.

And after some time and some considerable amount of time and videos has passed, you take and see some things you can improve on. OR some things you are currently doing better.

But in no way, should you continue to see what those channels are doing, Do it your way. Become your own inspiration. You will be amazed at how different you are than the rest. That is when you will stand out.

Remember, YOUR WAY!

If you want to check out other channels. Check out channels that aren't magic review channels. Just product reviews or your fav Youtuber that isn't magic related. See how they are doing things and take some bits and pieces from them, without destroying who you are.

I guarantee you, if you stick to this plan, you will be your own guy. You will not be a copy but your own brand and style.
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