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Apr 26, 2013
Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share this project with you!

Back in 2012, I was a young student and I wanted to create a kind of short film or webseries about cardmagic. I wanted to record some card tricks but I wanted to have a story, characters, scenery and so on!

As you can guess, this project was far too much ambitious for a young guy. At that time I had no money, no equipment, no skills in film making. I had just an idea and some closed friends to help me...
Quirk of fate, my external hard drive crashed with every rushes. I was gutted and gave up everything.

In August 2018, I've moved house and doing some boxes I've found a old USB stick with few videos from 2012. I've been quite nostalgic and I've decided to finish this project... 6 years after.

The story is very simple : you follow the adventures of a Card Cheat...
Keep in mind this is a fiction and there is nothing to do with the "real work"

Be nice with me, I'm not Spielberg. It's a true amateur project.
But I hope you enjoy!

>> By the way I'm french. There are not so many dialogues, but I've made subtitles available in english for you.
I've learnt english at school. But the main character uses daily english with a bit of slang... So I'm not sure if it sounds good for an english native speaker. You can tell me if there are big mistakes and I will correct them on Youtube. Thanks !

>> You can find the playlist with every episodes there :
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