1. A

    History and idea suggestions

    A few years back I create an effect that I call "Double Coincidence". The effect required 2 spectators, the first spectator shuffle the deck and pick a card (keeping it secret from everybody including itself), the second spectator name a card, and the card named match the picked card. I want to...
  2. F

    Offset Bicycle Card Backs

    I can't seem to find the Bicycle cards with the backs slightly offset, whereby one side of the design is thicker/thinner than the other. This allows you to have a spectator select a card, then you secrets turn the deck around 180 degrees so that then they insert their card anywhere in the deck...
  3. M

    The best table sleights (in your opinion)

    I wonder about sleights which can only be (or are meant to be) performed while seated. Examples include simple table cuts to more advanced table pass. What are your favourites? I am looking to expand my current abilities. So far I have managed to learn only few shuffles, cuts, false...
  4. KrissyLambertmagic

    This trick looks intereting

    Hey guys I was going through penguinmagic and stumbled upon a trick called “inner deception” on the top 10 list. It looks interesting Anyone buy it or have any thoughts about it? Krissy :)
  5. Loïc J.

    Youtube Channel - new webserie about cardmagic

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share this project with you! Back in 2012, I was a young student and I wanted to create a kind of short film or webseries about cardmagic. I wanted to record some card tricks but I wanted to have a story, characters, scenery and so on! As you can guess, this...
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