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  1. How do you reduce the noise of certain moves with cards?

    For example the cardini change has a very distinctive swoosh and click, there is a move developed by Nic Suriano and taught on Alex Pandrea's youtube where that is similar, and the other hand is occupied preventing a finger snap or any other of the more traditional sound misdirections commonly used.

    Is it just a matter of practice, or is it practice in a specific manner?
  2. That manner being to reduce the noise.

    When I learned the Pass - a move notoriously easy to make a lot of noise with - I practiced with two full decks to get used to moving the packets around each other, instead of of sliding them across each other. Silent.

    Some moves can't be silenced - those have to be covered with other factors like ambient noise or a purposely created sound that overrides it.
  3. Be soft. You don't need to be a card-snapping ninja. Those cards are pieces of cardboard, so don't treat them like nunchakus (unless its for cardistry, of course).

    The colour change which has no name till now?

    Well, the advice here too is to be soft. Pull the card down. Don't snap it. Pull it. I personally would think that this move has more of angle issues than sound issues.

    For other moves like the top change (say) just re-read the instructions and pay attention to details. Sometimes sound is a side-effect of doing sleights incorrectly. The more parallel you hold the deck and the card during a TC, the better. So pay attention to the details when learning a sleight.

    Since you're learning a lot from You Tube seemingly, I'll say this... there are great magicians on You Tube these days teaching stuff. But even they aren't as thorough as books. But buying books is your choice, I'm not trying to reprimand you for that. What I'm trying to say is when learning from You Tube, read the comments. Those comments have loads of gold advice who have mastered the move and will give tips which the actual You Tuber didn't or forgot to.

    Those phalange positions? Yeah, they matter.
  4. Still no name!

    Yeah my question was mainly about the pop noise as the card releases from the thumb, I've played with the position of my thumb and wherever I position it there is a small click.

    I don't know where you got the idea that I'm learning a lot from youtube? Since I only mentioned one move from that medium? That seems more like you just wanted opportunity to expound the virtue of books over other methods of learning. I learn from books, dvds, and youtube, often in conjunction with each other. I like your tip about the comment section though so I won't hold a grudge about the condescension :)
  5. I've seen you mention your two deck Pass practice somewhere before, and thought it was great advice then, I still don and practice with two decks whenever the pass comes up in my practice schedule
  6. While this concept is a great thing to realise, I assure you I did not wish to 'expound the virtue of books over other methods'. I was merely deducing, which is the point of the word 'seemingly'. Nevertheless, as I said, it's not for me to say which medium is better. Let's just not get there, shall we? :p

    And I don't really like the term 'condescension' here, I guarantee you I don't think I'm superior.
    On the contrary, I assume myself to be the biggest novice of the century, and I'm sure nobody can take that title away from me.

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