BB gun trick

Feb 23, 2018
I'm trying to recreate this trick performed by Justin Flom.

I am in no way wanting to reveal any of this trick. I have too much respect for Justin and this community to do that, but I would like to recreate this effect. I'm just wanting to make sure that this is 100% safe and I will not damage my eye or anything like that. Can anyone help me?

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
This trick was created for Justin Flom by Ryan and AmberLynn. He hired them to make the trick for him, it's his trick. To recreate the trick would be to rip him off and that's a HUGE faux pas in my book.

Lucky for you though! They have published a variation, which they taught on their Penguin Magic LIVE Lecture.

They also teach a bunch of other dangerous magic so buyer beware.
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