Chris ramsay mentelisum trick someone help

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by aidan.bsay, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hi so i saw this trick on chris ramsay's youtube (famouse magician) i was wounder how it was done. the link to the video is -------
  2. Time stamp?
  3. 3.00
  4. Er... I can't tell you without completely exposing the trick.

    Go review some basic mentalism and you will probably find it.
  5. can you just tell me
  6. No.

    The effect is pretty cool though. It'll impress the regular spectator, and the ones who are your go to spectators.

    There are enough hints in that sentence for you to figure it out.

    I personally do not feel comfortable with exposing such an effect blatantly on the forums, but if one of the people who have been here longer or specialize in this field of magic feel like it is ok to tell you they will. I might not even be right with the method I'm hinting,
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  7. Any number of methods could be used for this.

    What have you studied already or are you just trying to find a one-trick-pony kind of thing?
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  8. ^
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  9. If only we could just tell you...... lol but what fun would that be? :cool:
  10. I won't tell you how, just because the method deserves a lot more time and effort to find, practise and perform. But I will tell you that you'll find it if you look into some of Derren Brown's work. He talks about not just the performance but also the pure effect ;)

    I've said too much... Must go back into hiding...

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  11. @aidan.bsay Our forum rules prohibit exposure of effects out of respect to the creators (who if they invented it you should learn it from their material) and magicians (if they are performing it, it should be a mystery to spectators).
  12. Magnets.

    And maybe a mirror or two...
  13. Don't forget the omlette du frumage

    In all seriousness though, the guy either stopped caring about this trick, or learned it by now.

    Which was it? I honestly would have probably stopped caring.
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  14. That's all you can say-ay. That's all you can say-ay.

    As for the effect, I saw Banacek do it with 4 people at once. Nailed every one of them clean.
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  15. Is there a specific book where this affect is written published?
  16. Not really, lots of books have been written with this kind of effect, Try Derren Brown's work.

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