1. Deadlyapples

    Best magicians wallet so far?

    Well, my current wallet is just about bust so I am going to need a new one. My current Wallet is just a simple pocket bi fold wallet, non magician wallet but figured I would like to get a magicians wallet that I can use as my normal wallet as well. I see there are many wallets each with their...
  2. Derek Humberson

    Blessing in Disguise

    Wow where to begin... I recently had a tradegy occur within my family and sadly I had to lose my grandfather. Well long story short I ended up at a local bar and cigar lounge that os owned by my old high school wrestling coach. I was sitting in an oversized arm chair enjoying a Ave Maria and...
  3. MissMagic_photos

    Top 3 Cards you use for magic (besides bicycle standards)

    Hi all, I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel today about the top 3 decks i use for magic and why I like to use them (doesn't included bikes as 90% of magicians use them) Just intrigued to see what top 3 you all like to use
  4. Jesse120502

    Who am I? (Magic Trick)

    He guys! Does anyone know how this effect is called? You place a sticky note with a famous people on it on someone's head... Than you snap your fingers and the spectator knows who it is!!! I have a video of it but it is in Dutch I hope somebody can help me!
  5. Antonio Diavolo

    How did you get into magic?

    I guarantee this thread has come up before but I'm curious about how everyone here got into magic. For me, I was 6 and went to this summer camp thing with a friend of mine. One day, a magician came and although I don't really remember what tricks he did, I was mesmerized. I had never seen...
  6. MissMagic_photos

    Black Friday steals

    Hi everyone, Where I am from we don't have a thanksgiving but I hope everyone who does over that side of the world had a great time!! I'm just curious to see if anyone picked up any new magic or decks over Black Friday and if so what was it? I'd love to hear anyone's answers ☺️
  7. PeterGray

    Newbie Reviews / Spidey Edition

    First a quick introduction. I am a 33 year old marketing director who is just now returning to magic after a twenty year hiatus. I have been practicing magic for roughly a month at the time of this initial post. These posts are designed to provide insights and opinions for other beginners in...
  8. K

    Is there a "name deal"?

    Hi. I'm new to this thread thing so not sure if this goes here, so bear with me? So... Anyone knows if there is such thing as name deal? Like... The spectator names a card and you deal it right away? Then names another and you deal again, and so on..? I'd like to see a way to do this Thanks
  9. KoryB87


    need help! I want to get more into mentalism, but I’m finding it hard to get any info, I’m looking to find out the best material and information to master this art form, weather it be free or paid!? Thanks!
  10. N

    Dynamo Card Trick

    I am open to constructive criticism.
  11. KoryB87

    Loading Cards

    Hey! So I’m new to magic, started 3 months ago, and I picking it up surprisingly fast! The only thing that’s really stumping me is how to get a signed card to appear in like a fruit or bag of chips etc..... I’ve seen them do it on agt but it’s easy to just have a card with a copy of one of the...
  12. J

    Straddle Pass Help

    So i'm pretty new to sleight of hand magic. I've been working on the straddle pass and i'm struggling. I have the move done and understand that the angles need to be correct etc. But, my question for all of you is, what can I do to mask/eliminate the noise? I'm not ruling out the possibility...
  13. N

    David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

  14. N

    One of card tricks that made David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

    Hope you enjoy my performance =)
  15. levivoltz

    French Magic Sources??

    So I have heard, and so have most, of the Spanish School of magic (methodology, Psychology etc). And I can see why people love it. But I personally have fallen in love with watching French magicians and their styles. I was wanting to know if anyone could list me some English sources of French...
  16. N

    Going to audition on Croatia got talent,need advice

    hello everyone this week i am going to audition on Croatia got talent. Planing to do COIN MATRIX - There is my performance at home. What can i do more or another strong first impression trick. I am open for advice. Thanks
  17. N

    3 Card ultimate monte

    Hello everyone! I'm Ante,i come from Croatia! I am 27 years old and doing magic for 10 years. This year i decided to make my youtube channel. I need feedback how to improve my video quality and how to get more viewers. Thanks
  18. Fletch55

    Venom Vs. Tarantula 2

    Hello I was just wondering about the new Venom and Tarantula 2 tricks If you could I would like to know both the pros and cons of both devices and which one, in your opinion, is better. Thank You and Have A Nice Day
  19. TheDerpsterKoder

    What product is this?

    Hi I recently saw this video on YouTube by Rise magic and I was wondering if anyone knows what the trick is at 10 seconds into the video and where can I learn it? PS: just a side question, whats the effect right in the beginning?
  20. King_Arthur

    Thought I'd Share This

    Hi all, I'm new here, thought i'd share this new video i came across on youtube to this thread. I thought it was pretty cool, just wanted to see other peoples thoughts on it, pretty mysterious..
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