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  1. The link should load at the trick, if not it starts around 11:20

    Does anyone know this trick, have a link to where I can learn it? Its is pretty solid.

    Thank you!
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  2. Don't know if that's marketed. Pretty good basis for a trick, though.
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  3. Oh man I second needing to learn this, that's slick.
  4. This is the Digital Force Bag App.
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  5. do you have a link? Thank you!!
  6. Never mind I found it easily on the app store.
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  7. I just bought Inject2 and Greg mentioned on the MC that this same effect is part of Inject (although needs signal) - I’ll wait til I play w Inject before looking into this but it looks awesome
  8. I'm all for learning magic and I love Peter Mckinnon but I've been thinking about this. Isn't a post like this a type of exposure?

    Peter performs a trick online and now if anyone searches his name they are lead to a thread about a bunch of guys sharing his methods. I know it's a big gray area, and that no one here wants to actually reveal his magic, but posts like this make me hesitate to put magic online because it might end up on a forum like this.

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