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  1. Wow where to begin... I recently had a tradegy occur within my family and sadly I had to lose my grandfather. Well long story short I ended up at a local bar and cigar lounge that os owned by my old high school wrestling coach. I was sitting in an oversized arm chair enjoying a Ave Maria and Laphroig whilest fanning and cutting an old deck of Tally-ho's teflecting on the memories of my grandfather and my old coach goes back to the walk in humidor and joins me. So we talk and of course the cards catch his eye during the conversation and he asks why I am basically figiting with a deck. I told him my daughter got me back into magic and I just always have a deck on me anymore etc and I was just figiting to take my mind off of the recent passing of my grandfather. He asked to see a trick and I did what I call the hand sandwich transposition. Long story short going back to my old vice of scotch and a cigar I landed my first magic gig that wasnt family. So two nights later I am back at Mezzos which is the bars name and entertained at the cigar lounge inside during a cigar tasting event. It went well. I was very nervous however and tood everything I basically own with.

    My performance included:
    3 card monte
    2 card monte
    Hand sandwich
    Twisting the Aces (elmsly count practice)
    Tivo by Dan and Dave
    Torn and Restored
    Card to Mouth
    Chaos by Mathiue Bish (was able to do at a table)
    Coin matrix
    Invisible deck
    Triage (from behind the bar)
    Ambitous card routine

    Overall it was a huge success however it was non paying but the reactions said all. It was a huge boost to my moral and self confidence and have been asked to come back and cant wait. Although next time I will be on a flyer...

    Just had to share my experience.
  2. Terribly sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you. I am glad magic has helped you cope- and land a gig! Your former coach sounds like a great guy.
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