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  1. F

    What impromptu tricks can I lead into if I have a deck with one face up Card

    I was making a small routine of impromptu no gimmicks card tricks, where a trick leads into another trick. I am in a situation where I am ending up with one faceup card somewhere in the deck. I don't want to break my flow by the cleanup but rather go with a trick that has some sort of a required...
  2. A

    Suggestions to buy magic related stuff from Amazon

    Hello Everyone! I am relatively new to magic and mentalism, as I have started them about 2 years ago. I have mostly just used cards and coins to do my tricks, and have tried to master all the different sleights and tricks on YouTube, and in some books (The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, etc). I...
  3. Zenn_Magic

    Card FROM Pocket

    hey everyone, I am trying to crate a stage trick with cards and need some advice for a segment of the trick. I want to have a spectator put the card in THEIR pocket and have it vanish into mine. is this even possible, to make a card disappear from someone else's pocket.
  4. JohnnyG

    What is that name of that card trick like Klik?

    Hello everyone, Awhile back I seen a Card Trick I might be wrong in how this trick worked but I'll try to describe the effect. The trick started with a spectator selecting a card and it is returned to the deck. Then the Magician fans the cards out towards the spectator and has them hold the...
  5. M

    Is Female Mentalist Rebecca Herrera Too Pretty to be in Magic?

    Is this the age of female magicians? If so, this is GREAT. Rebecca Herrera fooled Penn & Teller on episode 7 of 'Fool Us' - She becomes the first British female to confound the big guys of magic - - - The effect was original rather than a copy so I was extra impressed. Unfortunately, the...
  6. H

    How to creat a card trick title

    I’ve created a card trick and a colour change, but I can’t think of a title for them. I’ve also sent theory 11 both card tricks/colour changes but they haven’t got back to me. If you can help me with titles for them. Thanks!
  7. Karo-K54

    The Complete Walton

    I've beeb reading the first volume of The Complete Walton, and I have to say that the book is filled with tricks. There are seeral tricks that I do like, and several tricks that I will most probably never do in my life. The book is too long for me to go trick by trick, so could someone pinpoint...
  8. M

    Tagged by Richard Sanders

    Hiya, I live in the UK and I bought Tagged by Richard Sanders, it came with a gimmick card and dog chain. Moving forward I would like to use different cards to force and go on the chain. I would like help from those who have or know this trick as I don't really want to give it away. I was...
  9. Derek Humberson

    Blessing in Disguise

    Wow where to begin... I recently had a tradegy occur within my family and sadly I had to lose my grandfather. Well long story short I ended up at a local bar and cigar lounge that os owned by my old high school wrestling coach. I was sitting in an oversized arm chair enjoying a Ave Maria and...
  10. C

    My Ambitious Card Routine

    This is an ambitious card routine that I came up with through some years of putting small techniques together that I learned. I would love some feedback on this and areas where it can be improved. Thanks!
  11. N

    David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

  12. R

    What are your favorite impromptu, gimmickless card tricks?

    Hey! I have been doing street magic for about ten months now, and have a good repertoire of tricks to perform for people. Like any magician, however, I am again eager to learn some new stuff, but specifically impromptu card tricks I can perform with just a normal deck of cards- no gimmicks or...
  13. T

    Beginning Card Tricks

    I'm a beginner to card tricks and I practice everyday and sometimes at school too, and some kids I'll ask me to do a trick so I try this one I came up with myself but I can never get it right, so does anyone know of any simple tricks I could do that still involve basic magic things (slight of...
  14. PatrickTrujillo

    Phantom by Spidey

    Hello guys, I purchased Phantom by Spidey and I gotta say it is an awesome trick, my only concern is, what happens if the spectator remembers a card that is visible when fanning?
  15. rodrigp

    Need to get better!

    I started doing card tricks about 5 months ago or so. I practice as much as i can since i work yet i feel that even though i keep learning things i do it at a really slow pace and i can't get clean enough in things like passes. Beeing the classic pass a great example, i can do it, but i can't...
  16. N

    Finding a personal "style"

    I've only been doing magic for a couple of months, and mostly I just know a few card tricks that I've shown people, though I have managed to get a "holy" followed by an expletive or two, and the occasional gasp. What I'd really like to do, though, is expand. I don't necessarily want to focus...
  17. M

    Need help with Faro shuffle!!

    I started learning out faro 2 weeks ago and I have ruined 2 BRAND new decks during this practice.. I am learning the faro from Dvd implausibilities by Hudson Taylor where he faros from the edges. All my cards(bikes) are spliting and bending.(something like a crimp).. What can I do? Ufff.....
  18. C

    How do invisibly control bottom card to top???

    Any of u aware of a move to invisibly control bottom card to top without spectators noticing it at all. I want to learn it!!(The order of other cards does'nt matter) PLEASE HELP............
  19. N

    Romantic ideas

    Hey guys, Just a quick question, what are some romantic effects? I have looked high and low and trying to romantic routine and can't find any. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  20. V

    My Original Trick

    Hello! I'm Verrell Axel, I'm 12 years old. I have one original trick called "Spring-Catch". First, I sumbit this trick to The Wire, but Theory11 declained my trick. After that, I submit this trick to Penguin Magic, and still waiting the review. You can see the perfomance: Trailer: Perfomance...
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