1. S

    Magic theory and history YouTube channel

    I've always wanted to create a YouTube channel revolving around magic, however not magic tricks tutorials. I was thinking "magician profiles" I'd do a video essay segment about certain magicians (houdini, shin lim, Dai Vernon, Paul Daniels, Tom Mullica) with things like what was their...
  2. S

    Regalia Deck by Shin Lim

    I wanted to know how the Regalia deck by Shin Lim handle and also about its quality as I wanted to buy it , it would be great if people who have this deck for a while now can share their experience with this deck
  3. CardMagicNJ

    Magic Interfering with my Relationship

    Hey guys, Obviously, Magic is the one love I discovered I had that now I know I can't live without. My girl gets all crazy saying now I'm spending totoo much time practicing tricks, and that I hold my cards more than her, aaahhhhh man, yup it's true though. Straight up honesty, if I had...
  4. Rory

    Q&A Only Ideas Book - Rory Adams

    Hey! Been getting a lot of questions about my new book - [Link removed by Mod for advertising] Thought I'd set this is so if you have any Q's I'm here to answer them, no matter how silly or unrelated they are! Thanks, Rory
  5. CardMagicNJ

    Endurance artists same as magicians ???

    Ok, Obviously Blaine pops into my mind at the moment. Is he a magician, of course. Me being in my mid thirties, I idolized that man. Now, when he does that endurance type of stuff is that Magic to you ??? Imo, it's not magic persay. Is it impressive ? Absolutely. Did it take tons of...
  6. K

    Spectator guesses the right method

    Ok, so this has happened to me a couple of times, I perform a trick to say 3-5 people and one of them guesses the correct method and goes "I think you took 2 cards and showed them as one" etc. (not necessarily in a rude way) or part of what the spectator guessed was true. This inevitably...
  7. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    History of a trick

    Hello guys I recently watched the dvd “jaw droppers” by Larry Anderson from magic makers And he does a self working card trick, on the dvd he calls it “out of my hands” and I really like it I was wondering if anyone knows of this trick because I would love to know who created it and the history...
  8. W

    Astrology Magic

    I'm putting together a routine built around Astrology, Zodiac, etc. to perform for a couple friends at a small party next month. I am using tricks like Astronomical by Peter Turner, Stellar by Alchemy Insiders, and a couple other zodiac themed card tricks that I came up with. Now I'm just...
  9. Winger


    The link should load at the trick, if not it starts around 11:20 Does anyone know this trick, have a link to where I can learn it? Its is pretty solid. Thank you!
  10. Karo-K54

    Good Books For Beginner Cardicians on a Budget?

    What are some good books to buy relating to card sleights and maybe flourishes (that's only a bonus) for someone between beginner and intermediate (can do imperfect faros, one handed cuts like Charlier, revolution and knuckle, beginner controls i.e. shuffle controls, push off double etc) that...
  11. Karo-K54

    How far can one go in card magic without paying for any tricks or tutorials?

    There are many channels out there on YouTube which teach magic, but obviously they won't teach everything they know for free. Some sleights are unclear on YouTube videos, and need to be more comprehensively explained and taught; some tricks can only be revealed by buying it from the creator etc...
  12. K

    College party

    Someone in my course is having a house party and everyone is invited, no one in the college knows im a magician and in my course i am a bit quiet so i was thinking about going and doing some magic, just wanted some tips on what you would do in this situation. Thanks
  13. mexican nanny

    Coin vanish idea for the market

    Hi y'all I was thinking about posting an idea I had onto the market for the first time. though I just wanted to hear some feedback on whether this trick is worthy or not to be on the market as well as feedback/ideas/improvements whether it's original and pricing ideas as this would be my first...
  14. C

    Creating Magic.

    I wanna create my own magic trick or gadget but I'm struggling on how I should do this. I also need a few ideas, if you have any please reply!
  15. Medford Magic

    Documentary on Magic and Bullying

    Hello there! I am currently in the process of constructing a documentary based on the stories of magician's struggles with bullying and harassment due to them partaking in these hobbies. It really saddens me to learn and even think about these, but I need your help. If you have a story that you...
  16. L

    Best card to envelope version?

    Hey, what's the best card to envelope version? thinking about adding it to my ambitious card routine. and where to get it ?
  17. M

    Magic Book Collector Suggestions ?

    Could anyone suggest some good magic book sellers ? I know about Andy Greget, John Cannon, Byron Walker, Dan Bradbury, and Mike Henkel. Are there anymore that anybody would recommend ?
  18. Medford Magic

    "Nine of Hearts" Documentary

    Hello there! I am currently in the process of constructing a documentary based on the stories of magician's and cardist's struggles with bullying and harassment due to them partaking in these hobbies. It really saddens me to learn and even think about these, but I need your help. If you have a...
  19. Antonio Diavolo

    Is magic the only art form where insults are compliments?

    Let me explain. Magic seems (to me) to be the only art form where “I hate you” “you son of a b****”, and “f*** you” are taken as compliments? Because I get this all the time (Im 18 so doing magic for teens evokes this kind of response) and my reply is always “thank you” with a smile. This...
  20. PabloFreyG

    Everything is free now ‍♂️

    Everything on my site is now free... Also on penguin magic and Theory 11 (The wire).... Happy Holidays!
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