1. Zenn_Magic

    USPC Design

    I’m designing a trick deck and was wondering if anyone knew how to get ahold of the original files for the uspc standard faces for editing.
  2. Zenn_Magic

    How people view magic

    I’m making a comedy video about how laypeople think when they hear magic terms. Unfortunately I can only come up with two; practicing magic and mind reading/mentalism. I need one or two more magic terms that have a double meaning. Any thoughts?
  3. Zenn_Magic

    How people view magic

    I’m making a comedy video about how laypeople think when they hear magic terms. Unfortunately I can only come up with two; practicing magic and mind reading/mentalism. I need one or two more magic terms that have a double meaning. Any thoughts?
  4. YeLLYyy

    New Color Change?

    Hi everyone, I came to the Theory11 forums to find out if the color change I independently came up with has been created before. I want to make sure I actually created it before taking credit for the sleight. I have an entire process of getting the card to the point that you see in the video...
  5. CardMagicNJ

    Me Spreading Magic Love on Black Friday !!

    Down at the outlet shops in Atlantic City on Black Friday reminding people Christmas is not about money and gifts but Love. And with magic people come together regardless of race, religion, etc. Enjoy !!!
  6. Y

    Organizing a magic routine and show

    Hey guys I’m new to theory 11 and I am really excited to be here! I’ve been recently working on a card magic show and workshop charity event that I am running at my local library for December 15. I’ve been getting more serious in card magic (not as a career though) and am wondering how I should...
  7. KrissyLambertmagic

    This trick looks intereting

    Hey guys I was going through penguinmagic and stumbled upon a trick called “inner deception” on the top 10 list. It looks interesting Anyone buy it or have any thoughts about it? Krissy :)
  8. Avendsin

    Cardistry Vs Magic - Is cardistry harmful for magic and what role does it play?

    Hey, So a few days ago I took part in an online discussion about the role of cardistry and card flourishing in magic. Many interesting questions were brought up such as should you do flourishing in a magic performance? Is cardistry harming magic? So on and so forth. Anyhow, in the end I thought...
  9. AlexanderP1

    My Contribution to Playing Cards

    This is an idea I came up with around ten years ago. I really hope you all enjoy it as "spectators." I hope it encourages you with your practice and goals. Also, hopefully it benefits you if you decide to add it to your repertoire. I'll be releasing all my notes on it November 2. Thanks.
  10. Karo-K54

    High End or ShinSplint

    Considering visual Twisting the Aces routines, which would you prefer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? The powerfulness of the effects? Which needs more setup? Difficulty has never deterred me, but what regarding the sleights? Obviously I do not require a revelation of the...
  11. CardMagicNJ

    Magicians......Curious as to know if someone asked you to define Magic...what would you say ??

    Was wondering what everybodys definition of magic is ?? Is it a feeling ?? Is it the skill ?? In your own words wondering what's the definition of the word, " Magic " to you ?? Thanks.
  12. CardMagicNJ

    Advice Please on Routine.....

    Hi everyone, Its been a very long time since ive been on here but glad to be back. Anyway, when i start my ACR I do the tilt. But when I also do the hand sandwich I do the tilt as well. Obviously I use them in seperate routines but would like to have them in the same set. I just dont want to...
  13. //Hyperbölic

    Ring Magic

    I've been scouring the internet in search of a ring trick in which a magician clearly and fairly holds a ring between 2 fingers and slams it onto their finger while there palm is facing up. If anyone can point me to something like this that would be much appreciated as I am currently working to...
  14. L

    Christmas Themed Magic

    Hi Everyone I am looking to learn some Christmas themed magic tricks for my restaurant bookings. I am planning to get the spectator to tell me what they would get me for Christmas, and i pull out a thank you card thanking them for the present. I've had a few ideas of how to do this but keep...
  15. C

    Rubik Cube Advice.

    Morning Guys and Girls, Hope my short post finds you well. My name is Connor and i am new to Theory11 and any magic forum in general however, like most of you, i have indeed spent hours pouring over peoples posts soaking up everyone else knowledge. I have been playing with playing cards for...
  16. M

    Amateur to beginner again

    Hello magic community, I was wondering if anyone can put me on a good path to magic. I started really getting into magic when I was in high school. I ended up loving it and then continued to learn and practice more as I went to undergrad. After college I started to not practice as much and...
  17. KoryB87

    Walk around Mentalism

    Hey everyone! Anyone have any books or downloads that will give me a couple ideas for tricks to do for walk around mentalism. I have all the basic mentalism books annemans and corinda and such! But just looking for some other trick ideas! Thanks!
  18. KoryB87

    Mentalism effect name???

    Hey guys, For those familiar with Chris Ramsay he does a trick where he gets the spectator to mix up cards and place eight face up and then turn on over..... when all is set in done those numbers are tattooed on his arm and the one that was flipped over is crossed out! I don’t want to be told...
  19. L

    Magic Mat

    Does anyone know where I can get a cheap-ish hardback playing card mat. I don't want it to be too expensive and I have searched on ebay but can't even find one that is hardback.
  20. sk1ndeep

    Book Recommendations

    With the work I am doing at the moment, I get quite a large amount of private down time, which has been an absolutely wonderful opportunity to make my way through books. I have read my way through all the so called "requirements" (RRTCM, EATCT, CC, Lepaul etc.) I'm looking for something that's...
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