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  1. Hello guys I recently watched the dvd “jaw droppers” by Larry Anderson from magic makers
    And he does a self working card trick, on the dvd he calls it “out of my hands” and I really like it
    I was wondering if anyone knows of this trick because I would love to know who created it and the history of it

  2. Check conjuringarchive.com
  3. This is off topic but are you the guy who does street magic on youtube haha.
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  4. Yessir
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  5. Thanks I’ll check it out
    thanks I’ll check it out
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  6. Can you explain the effect? Sometimes people rename classic effects. Also, a lot of Magic Makers stuff is rip offs without credit.
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  7. U give the deck to the spectator and u turn around. U have them shuffle and then cut three piles. And look at the top Card of one pile. After tht like all fave up and put it on top of a face down pile. And take the other face down pile and sandwich the face up piles. Now riffle shuffle and cut. Then
    U turn around. Spread out the cards. And know excatly where the card they look at is. Even tho u were turned around and hands off the entire time
  8. The technique is called Waikiki Shuffle or the Honolulu Shuffle depending on who you ask.

    I first learned this in a book by Bob Longe.

    The other versions I am aware of are listed below:

    No Way Location - Bob Longe
    Waikiki Location - Bill Morata
    Ultra Location and Prediction - Harry Lorayne
  9. With further research I found out it was published anonymously in the Sphinx(1930s) Three heap location. It also may be in Greater Magic on page 234, The Three Pile Trick - Carl Waring Jones.
  10. Hey man thanks for looking all tht up. I searched it all But out of all of that the only things I could find was no way location - bob longe and the three heaps and they aren’t the same si describe. The way I describe was. They cut three piles. Pick a pile and look at the top card then ‘flip The entire pile upside down’ and place it onto a face down pile and puttin the other face down pile on top. The ways you researched all the piles remain face down the entire time
  11. But the waikiki shuffle IS the name of the shuffle. Thank you so much man!
    Have a good day
  12. I don't know what source you actually looked at because you're wrong. The piles do not remain face down the entire time.
  13. I litterally pulled up the pdf from the book for the three like trick and it said all piles stay face down lol so I dunno
  14. Please try reading it one more time.
  15. I don't know what pdf from the book you read, but the title of the book is 101 Amazing Card Tricks and No Way Location is on page Sixty Three. No it did not say all piles stay face down.
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