1. M

    52 shades of red velvet

    Hi, I have bought 52 SoR a few days ago and shin is talking about a vevet (in the black art section of the video) tht I cant find anymore because the website he is talking about is not there anymore. Does anyone know which fabric i can use that is similar to shins?
  2. A

    Shin Lim inspired act!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, let me know your thoughts on this 2 min act.
  3. SamTheMagicMan

    Gone Deck Versus Travelling Deck 2.0

    Hi. I was wondering what you guys think is a better trick. Gone Deck by Sin Lim or Travelling Deck 2.0. I have purchased Travelling Deck but I was considering getting Gone Deck instead. I read some reviews and found out that Gone Deck requires a bit of construction for the gimmick. I...
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