2013 Holiday Contest Error

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tesedrah, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. I entered my details in for a free spin and it said 5 minutes so I waited but when I got back it said to wait 24 hours.
  2. Hey Tesedrah, this usually means that someone with an IP address similar to yours had a recent spin, and that may have triggered our security systems on the contest wheel. In the past, this has been caused on rare occasion by others in your household, others on a shared college or office network, or a rare system glitch on our end. If the issue still persists today, contact our support crew and we'll get you fixed right up!
  3. I told my friend not to spin the wheel at the same time as I do. I spun again the next day at around 8:00 (in the same building). He went to spin 3 hours later, and it said he had to wait 21 more hours (the same amount of time he would have to if he had spun at 8:00). Once he got home, however, it let him spin normally. It seems that the problem isn't near simultaneous spins, but just spins that take place in the same building. Thanks for this cool contest!
  4. How do I redeem a spin win? It said I won a Red Jaqk in a pop-up, I clicked ok and that was that, I didn't get any confirmation email or anything... What is up with that?
  5. I clicked to "Spin the Wheel" and accidently i touched to one of mouse's button and i went to previous page. What can i do now?
  6. Hey Morpheis, you should receive an email shortly after the win with confirmation of your prize and how to redeem it. If you didn't receive that email, send a message to our support crew at www.theory11.com/support and we can manually verify and get you fixed up ASAP!
  7. Also i'm not sure if this is just by chance but the only thing i seem to be winning is 100 and 50 elite points every single day
  8. Prizes are obviously weighted (for good reason). Don't expect to go Elite just from the holiday contest, and be happy with the points you get every day and get some cheap stuff from the store, or from the wire. If you are trying to say it's rigged, I assure you, it's not. In fact, I've cracked open the code itself to see how it works (right click on chrome, inspect element) and, explained simply, when you hit spin, it picks a random number to be your prize (however larger prizes have a smaller range of numbers that can be chosen, say a number between 1 and 2, while a smaller prize like Elite points have a range of 2 to 1000. These numbers are made up, but you get the point). This would explain why the vast majority of prizes were the same. If you got no reward every day, however, then that would be cause to complain :) . In the end, all that I'm trying to say is that you should be happy with the elite points you get, and you could even buy more things with the points you win to get additional spins too.

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