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  1. Just curious should I stay with the card just comming to the top or mix it up here and there. Such as color changes and other tricks like witness or indicent, or maybe a sandwich with the jokers.

    When I present the spectators seem to like the ACR. I just want to make sure I can really give them an experiance that they can remember. To me the card comming up to the top every time with one or two color changes seems boring.

    I won't be offended I just want to know if I should mix it up a little bit more.

    Another thing is how long should your routine be? should it go on for awhile, because that can bore them. Or go short which can make them kind having feeling like you just wasted their time. I show about 7-10 diffrent tricks but they are mostly ACR tricks so they are fairly fast. THANKS
  2. As an entertainer you are going to get a little bored with your own effects after awhile because of how often you have done them.

    As for the ACR. I'd say it's entirely up to you how many times it comes to the top.
  3. It just depends. The best advice I can give is to experiment. Try mixing it up a little, and see how your audience responds. If you can keep the routine engaging, I don't think you have to worry about going on for too long. Adjust your routine based on the response you get from your audience. Just my two cents.
  4. for lay men, a card that comes to the top is after beeing placed in the middle it's just impossible !
    you have to built the suspens , check out tommy wonder's acr
  5. The whole thing about building an ACR is making sure that it becomes more and more impossible; more and more fair. At first you want them to think "Oh cool, but that was probably just sleight of hand..." but at the end of it, you want there to be no doubt in their mind that it was magic and purely impossible for the card to rise to the top.

    An ACR becomes more and more impressive the more rises you do, so long as they become more and more fair. That said, I feel that all too often ACRs are simply about the card coming to the top, and there is nothing else behind it; no actual patter. Make sure you think through your patter and that it makes it feel like magic and not just a trick.

    Personally, i think that 3-5 rises is ideal. I often do 3, but depending on my mood and how they're reacting, I'll throw in a 4th or 5th..

    You also need to make sure that there is a clear ending to your ACR and that you dont leave them hanging. Ways to do this are to employ restrictions that make it so that you cant be any more fair about it rising to the top; Darryl's ACR..or something like the Hawk could be employed. Or by changing the direction of the trick; changing it into a CTM or CTP is often used. Ive also used deck vanishes, or Omni deck type endings.

    Read Tony Changs thoughts on this that you should check out...

    With all that said, I dont think you should completely change the frame of the effect unless it makes sense. For you to go from an ACR into indecent, or a sandwich effect like you said simply makes no sense at all. You need to realize that by performing in this manner, youre just doing impressive tricks that they cant explain, and that youre not actually performing magic. Theres a big difference.

    And remember, we dont want to be the guy who just does few cool tricks. We all want to be the magician.

  6. While I agree with the rest, this - not so much. But it's trivial.

    To the OP, just remember that you shouldn't judge a routine by how boring it feels to you, because to the spectator it'll be new, hopefully exciting, and maybe, just maybe - enlightening.
  7. Tommy Wonder´s ACR is my personal favorite of all ACR I´ve seen.
    It´s not about his sleights, it´s about how he builds up suspense and climax and how he manages the audience.
    In the phase where he puts the card in the middle he instantly reacts to a spectator and shows that the card going in the middle really is the signed card.
    That´s a fantastic usage of the principle of 'elimination of false solutions' which would lessen the effect and that feeling of wonder.
    I think it´s important to use that principle in a good ACR, especially when you´re doing many phases.

    And the closer is just great. Again, it´s not about his fast M...... F...
    it´s the construction of his presentation.
    'I will explain the trick....'
    Audience is excited.
    '...It´s just imagination...'
    Audience is dissapointed.
    'It was never there. I put it here. In the box'
    Audience can´t believe. That´s absolutely impossible.
  8. Depends on your character/presentational style.

    My current one is 5 phases, but I've seen ones with as little as 3 phases work, Tony Chang's being an excellent example. As for ACRs having too many phases, Kammagic's is iconic in showing that having a long ACR works incredibly well also.
  9. It's not the phases that make the ACR interesting, it's the presentation that you give. Personally, I stay away from 14 phase ACRs. But if you're Gazzo, and have apparently little to no skill in anything at all, then it may suit you (if you didn't get the reference, forget I said that :p). Anyway, length is a matter of choice (that's what she said). I don't perform an ACR anymore, but if I did, and when I did, it was 3-4 phases. The most important thing is giving the trick meaning - that will make sure they're not bored.
  10. What I ment was not to finish the ACR THEN go into a card sandwich or indecent but actually have that in with the ACR not after.
  11. And how does that make the ACR make any more sense...? How does your presentation justify it? How is it more magical. Theres no point in doing anything that doesnt add more to the magic. It may be an amazing effect, but does it really add more to the magic itself? Just throwing in a sick trick doesnt make the routine magically more magical.

    "hey look, and your card jumps to the top again! And now watch it penetrate a bag! And then jump to the top again! And then between jokers! Then to the top again!"... This is just confusion and doesnt make sense. It should be magic, not confusion.

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