Bad Performance But Nice Effect

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by schwarzeneggermagic, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I like this effect below and wanted to know if you like it.

    I know that the performance could be better, and also the suspense was weak at the end. I wanted your opinion on the effect its self.

  2. hey schwarzeneggermagic for me is a nice effect and good performance nothing bad in it,now we have to test it with real audience ;)
  3. sounds like a plan!!!
  4. Hi there.

    Well done for playing around and coming up with this for yourself. However, I'm afraid this does not strike me as strong magic and given the multitude of very simple methods that could be used to achieve this effect, there is clearly a reason for this not being commonly used.

    When you consider that the effect is ultimately really just knowing the spectators card, the premise of using mates isn't so well suited here. Why go through and find the mate when all you are demonstrating is that you know their card? Many routines already exist where a mate is used as a prediction, and the spectator somehow selects the mate of the prediction, and in these cases, the use of a mate is justified.

    If you think about this from the spectators point of view, the only thing that makes this different to having them pick a card and you naming it is the fact that you pull out a mate. This doesn't really add anything to the effect of revealing their card with a straight revelation.

    I suggest you check out Allan Ackerman's "Another Quick Coincidence", which is a very good version of such an effect. The magician starts by removing a card as a prediction, then has a spectator select a card. The spectator slides their selection face up anywhere they like in the deck, leaving it outjogged. The magician then reveals his prediction to be the mate of the selection, then he goes one further to show that the cards either side of where the spectator slid their selection complete the four of a kind. It's taught on Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 5.

  5. Joe has a good point. A spectator probably wouldn't be totally floored. Try it out and see what reactions you get. My guess is "Neat. Good job. "
    With joes suggestion, it makes the spectator the one getting it right. You will get a much stronger reaction from that. I would also recommend Overkill by Paul Harris in the AoA or TA set. Let us know how it goes and if you decide to change anything.
  6. Neat effect but I agree with most of theses other gentleman that it is not very strong. A "Chicago Opener" or something along those lines tends to hit a bit harder.
  7. You should be more confident in your performance. In the video you say that the performance isn't good even before you began the performance. Be more confident in what you do. The more confidence you have, the smoother your performance will be.

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