Diary effect


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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
I'm looking for suggestions on a diary effect where a date (birthday) leads to a prediction.

I was looking at the Gordon Diary since you can make your own diary however I want to use a location rather than a card prediction. I am wonding if there is a better option that may fit better my needs or save me money. Any help would be appreciated.
Sep 16, 2019
Soon, magic shops will be selling a trick called, PreDate. It's a NoMem Card to Calendar prediction. It can be performed with a shuffled deck, and no memorizing required. The PreDate calendar has a clever cue sheet hidden in plain site that cues you on which card to force, depending on which date is named. The graphics at the front of the calendar lead the performer naturally through the standard patter that compares a calendar to a deck of cards, but also, secretly tell the performer which card to force.
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