Favorite In The Hands False Riffle Shuffle

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by kmagic25, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. So whats your favorite? personally my favorite is the one where you angle the packets so that the two packets are sort of side jogged after the bridge. Im not sure what its actually called though
  2. I think it's just called a strip-out riffle shuffle.

    I like the Gray Shuffle by Ben Earl, but I'm still working on it :)

  3. I like the Manfred Shuffle from Dan and Dave
  4. Truffle Shuffle

    or the Manfred Shuffle
  5. Guy Hollingworth's in the hands false riffle shuffle.
  6. i like this one too but im still working on it. i find its still too knacky for me to use it in performance.
  7. First of all, Theatrehead is right. Guy's false shuffles are the best that have ever been created.

    But if you are looking for something sloppy, as I am not anywhere near as good as the UK barrister, here is something for you.

    Wait until the end, I hope you aint disappointed.

    B to the drunk B
  8. Manfred is great
  9. ..wow!!!wtf

    the first production is great....comes the dl from second or from bottom??Its so fast...where to learn??
  10. Hollingworth's. Period.

    I believe he got the idea from Paul Le Paul's book, but I am not sure, since Paul Le Paul has a very similar but outdated version of Hollingworth's
  11. Brett keep this stuff on the tsd ;) haaha
  12. Mine hands down, Truffle Shuffle, and yes Brett please keep this on TSD, we don't want anybody else to see how clever you are, and what reidiculous stuff you come up with, lol.
  13. Oh boy.. DOnald....

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