Feather Flourish Tutorial

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Stephen G, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I wanted some feedback so I tried submitting my video to the media section, and for whatever reason it wasn't accepted. This is a tutorial video for a simple and light flourish, let me know what you guys think!


    Any comments/criticism welcome, thanks.
  2. thanks for the tutorial its really cool and pretty easy... im gonna practice =)
  3. going to grab a deck right now to practice! Thank you for this.
  4. That was awesome. So smooth...
  5. Very impressive! Simple, yet elegant!
  6. It surprises me that T11 didn't accept this video. It was beautifully edited. Looked very professional. As for the flourish. It was ok. Didn't fit my style, but I could see it as a little starter for preqel.
  7. Yeah, I wish we got feedback as to why submissions are rejected.

    Thanks for the comments, I hope to make more videos in the future.
  8. I'm going to use this as a precursor to Preqel, which is a precursor to Pandora.

    Yippee for pandora-like flourish routine.
  9. That was awesome, not something knuckle-busting tough but something that looks great. Very smooth, nice and flashey, something I will definately use!

  10. I really liked this flourish. Good job. I would like to know what everyone is using to edit there video's.
  11. Very nice! I love it. A great new flourish to practice. And nice editing!
  12. Awesome job! What camera do you use? this is so clear...
  13. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I'm using Sony Vegas to edit, and as for the camera, I'm not sure. I lost my camera so I just borrowed my dad's for this video. It was just a digital Lumix camera that shot 720p, I don't know any more than that haha.

    Also, some people asked about the font I used. It's called "Quicksand" and can be downloaded in the following link http://www.fontspace.com/andrew-paglinawan/quicksand

    I appreciate the feedback guys.

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