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  1. So, I basically came from school, and went studying and suddenly a thought rushed in my mind! Basically in few minutes I developed a triumph, and I`ll quickly try to explain. No false shuffle. Someone takes the card, puts it in the center, shuffle cards face up and face down. And I really like "fair" tricks, where I try to look like as fair as possible, so what I belive is cool thing about this is that there are no false shuffles and you REALLY show the deck shuffled face up, face down. And most importantly your thoughts. And I would be very grateful if you asked any questions, and I am not blabbing I really want to show it to you guys!
  2. I'd like to see it in action.
  3. post video? As accurate as product descriptions normally are...
  4. Forgot to tell!

    You can borrow the deck, really shuffle card face up/face down and you can see real cascade, I mean you riffle shuffle cards into each other. And yeah guys, I`ll try to post a video as soon as possible in HD. So wait, any simillar ideas? , cause haven`t seen any triumphs where u really can see cards shuffled one into each other.
  5. I saw Dani DaOrtiz do this triumph during EMC last year. I think you may find this close to what your looking for and it's awesome.
  6. Tony Chang's Moment of Zen effect would be an example.
  7. Open Triumph

    Yeah... Thanks man... I actually was inspired by this version, but wanted to make the method even more interesting. I decided to make a video even though I am not too good in video editing. I want to somehow thank magic community for what it have done for me and if someone likes this version of triumph I`ll try to explain it(Hopefully you I`ll fool you with this one). I am kinda busy but I`ll try to make decent video. If someone has an original idea, please share, private message me, because I love original ideas. So most likely will post a private video just for u guys ;D
  8. Guy Hollingworth's Triumph (Drawing Room Deceptions) involves an in the hands riffle shuffle of face up and face down cards in which you can cascade them together.

    Kostya Kimlat's Triumph (Roadrunner Cull) involves having the spectator themselves mix the cards face up and face down.
  9. kostya kimlats triumph comes to mind..spectator can shuffle face-up-facedown themselves
    james brown has a varaiation on this with a thought of card
  10. David Williamson has a beautiful one that allows you to show them shuffled. It's really simple, too. It's on his Magic Farm DVD.
  11. Finally guys posted a private video, check it out - soon i`ll add some anotations, but that for later, now enjoy, rate, comment, give feedback, any ideas for trick! Special for ya ;)
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    Looks like a generic triumph effect that doesn't end clean. The convincer is nice, but the trick really isn't anything new.

    As a performance it was awful, I almost fell asleep watching it. You really need to speed up the trick and make it worth watching.
  13. I hope you don't strangle your cards like that every time you perform.

    There's a lot of things bad with this. Too much for me to care enough about to point out all of them.
  14. Yeah it isn`t clean I just thought of it just for fun, like a challenge, but after that I do Triumph transposition which perfectly fits in. But still I don`t perform it too often, it is too difficult I prefer ordinary Sloppy triumph - fools audience badly. And thanks for your hopes, I do not stangle cards in my performances, I think every magician shouldn`t touch cards too much, because you may jump in "you have fast hands" mode. Hey TheatreHead do you have any of your vids, I would be more than pleased to check them out :)
  15. I'm planning on actually recording some videos of my performances and my sleight demonstrations when this assessment period I'm in finally blows over, and I'm able to work again. I'll let you know when I get them up.
  16. Hey, thanks for vid men. This is awesome, I love that Aaron Fisher`s "favorite move" use for this triumph. Only when you do that card visualisation technique, it kinda looked like cards were already fixed, then you show, they are mixed again, but still cool idea, 1st time fooled me :)
  17. Thanks man, I love criticism and feedback, so I am more than sure not to perform it, and yeah actually all I wanted to hear was that convincer was nice. Thanks

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