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  1. what's the point of vanishing, only to instantly bring it back?
  2. actually Dorian Rhodel vanishes two aces only to have them re-appear seconds later in his effect "Finders Keepers. The point is..... it looks magical. You can say sth like " the kings went in search for your card and you can actually see they returned eliminating every single card other than this one......what was your card?" This way everything makes sense.
    In magic you can find a reason to justify even the oddest thing . I am pretty sure you have seen videos where they perform a (sometimes terrible byt anyways) turnover pass and cover it with a line like "i wanna fairly show you every side of the deck..." which in my opinion makes no sense but IT WORKS FOR SPECTATORS
    kinda off topic but what the heck....

  3. yes, but in most effects, something happens, which justifies any previous statement. this, it disappeared and popped up, waited and then the card appeared. nothing special happened because of it's vanish nor it's reappearance.
  4. is there any feedback on my effect because i understand what both are saying but can u give me additional comments
  5. It was fine, nothing really special or new about it though.
  6. I do effect just like this, but with the jokers. It's really one of my favourite effects to preform.
  7. i did not like it one bit... it was pointless no point in vanishing only to reappear two seconds later. it's not even a new concept. and you said in the description that you probably flashed like 100 times. and that you were just posting it to let us see.

    That is so annoying because why would you post something on the most public site in the world if you know you flashed. that is just saying that you don't care about your magic... if you know you flashed, why post it.
  8. Don't post if it's not good.
    your video recording this so you could easily make another one without flashing at all.

    my advice is to not post anything unless you can do it right(no offense).

    this idea has come up before, but i like vanishing and bringing them back, as stated already finders keepers uses this concept.

    this idea only works with patter or it makes no sense.
  9. i was really going to just do the clipshift and display the card already between the kings or jacks or whatever but i got too carried away with the visuality.

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