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  1. Hi Guys!

    I've recently got into using invisible thread and unfortunately recently my ITR unravelled itself in performance as I was performing Tom Wright's Oblivion. I was using a Thread Genie as recommended by World Magic Shop.

    I have no idea what thread to refill my ITR with, whether I should get Mesika thread, Vectra thread, Marvelous thread ... The list goes on and I have no idea which is the best to go for.

    If anyone could advise on this, that'd be brilliant so I know the best to buy to refill.


  2. I wish I was more familiar with your gimmick, I've always used a BOSS unit when it comes to the ITR, which can be reset fairly easy.

    When it comes to thread types I know that most swear by the Spider Thread but when it gets right down to things, it's how you work with the thread that makes the difference. Though it can get pricey I'd experiment with the different makes to find what works best and then too, you may find out they are all basically the same thing. My goal is tinsel strength in that I'm a bit clumsy with the stuff and am constantly breaking the line, so I need something that can take a beating and remain relatively invisible when working in "dimly lit" or "distant" performance scenarios.

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