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  1. I was watching TV the other day and happened to come by Keith Barry's show (Extraordinary). I have seen it before although I wasn't into magic back then. I like his tricks, especially the rubik's cube trick, the trick with the 3 female celebrities(forgot their names, but I can remember their faces :p; it's the one where they all chose the King of Diamonds), the one that he did on Matthew McConaughey, and the others too.

    So I'm asking where can I learn this kind of mentalism/magic that he does in his show? Maybe I'm not as aware of the methods of mentalism as some of you guys are but his acts really were impressive, at least for me. Any ideas? Thanks guys :D

    Oh yeah, he mentioned black ops hypnosis in the show and I looked it up on the net. I found a guy named Taylor Starr. Familiar? His site repeatedly sends me email saying the same stuff.
  2. First, it's generally considered bad form to ask about another magician's tricks. Afterall, if one of your friends saw you do something, and they came on here looking for answers, how would that feel?

    I wrote the article on the Keith Barry special that appeared in Genii magazine. You will find a lot of information there that may clear up some of your concerns/desires.

    First, the rubick's cube idea - as done - was original to the team who advised him. It is very clever, but it really should be up to them to explain it - not others on an internet board.

    The "black ops" hypnosis thing was a presentation. It is a variation of a classic trick in magic.

    Finally, if you can access some of the original Derren Brown specials from the UK, you will see several of the ideas presented in a much clearer (and in my mind, more entertaining) fashion.

    Back issues of Genii magazine can by had on their website

    Brad Henderson
  3. Well, if it's considered bad form as you say, then I'm sorry for that. I just wanted to know where I can learn his style of mentalism and magic.

    As I said, i'm not very well exposed to mentalism as an art so I don't know if what he's doing in his show is comparable to what amateur magicians today are doing on their own in terms of effect and method. I can't measure how good the effect is since I know little of the methods used by mentalists today though I'm saying that they are pretty impressive for me. For example, David Blaine's effects, his tricks I can relate to (and for some, I can perform) since what he does is similar to what I and probably many others here do.

    I don't know how broad mentalism is but I would like to know the kind that he's doing.
  4. I went to see the escape live, it was filmed near where I live, you can kind of see me in a few of the shots, he was alright but nothing to amazing.
  5. Books.

    At some point, if you're going to be serious about this art, you need to put down the videos and the marketed tricks, and dive into the literature. You'll find that most of this material you're learning through current dvds is, by and large, re-packaged knowledge from the past.

    I submit to you that you simply cannot become a true and complete magician without educating yourself about its brilliant and rich history and the great performers of the past.

    Pick up a book, make some tea, settle in, and immerse yourself in what has come before.
    There is hardly a more rewarding experience in magic.
  6. iq92,

    meuxfeux is right.

    Here are some sources:

    1) Tarbell course in magic - not only will it give you a proper foundation in magic at large, many of the basic mentalism principles are to be found there

    2) Amateur MAgician's Handbook - some great mental stuff AS WELL as a great foundation for magic in general. Flourishers should check out some of the coin star stuff.

    3) 13 Steps to Mentalism - required text

    4) Anneman's Practical Mental Effects - most of this material was culled from his magazine the Jinx (also a great investment).

    If you are super serious, find a file of the Jinx (it has been reprinted in three hardbound volumes).

    Study those books and your outlook on mentalism (and some of the people who call themselves mentalists) will never be the same.

    Good luck!

    Brad Henderson

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