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  1. Whatever it is has something to do with the 12th, which is next Saturday.

    I'd hate to speculate further, so I won't. :p

    - Sean
  2. I have no idea what it is but, Im very intrigued to say the least.

  3. Very interesting. Can't wait to get more info on this.
  4. is it me or does that completely same about movies like Crank with Statham!
  5. Are you asking if it looks like Crank?

  6. I like the picture that it leads to..
  7. Maybe it's because I'm American, but 12.04.08 translates to December 4th, not April 12th. If that's how they write their dates in the UK, all the better, and d+M is British.

  8. The American way of writing dates confuses the Hell outta me.
  9. americans seem to think the US is the only country in the world. US is the only country who uses that date format
  10. lol Good ol' Americans.

    So naive.
  11. Haha, indeed.
  12. Hey! Just because I look at something differently...

    The way you guys write your dates confuses the hell out of me, so I guess we're even as well.

  13. Welll, I'm American and I write my dates dd/mm/yy so i suppose i wouldn't fall under the assumption that none of us know what the rest of the world does. So please, for my sake, say most Americans, not all. There are some of us who know what's going on in the rest of the world.
  14. no what i was saying was all the things on the bottom are movie as in snatch and crank and the majority of them have statham lol well 2 or 3 but i was saying thats weird what does magic have to do with movies im not saying thats not awesome but im a little confused.
  15. Could Killers be the three people in the picture??
  16. Anybody notice that it's Killers to the 1st power? 10 to the 1st is 10 (correct me if I'm wrong), so Killers to the first would equal Killers.

    Damn, now we're back where we started...

  17. I noticed that...

    ... Came to the same conclusion you did :p

    - Sean
  18. ...goes in and comes out and starts over again?...

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