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  1. MTV's Cribs will feature Penn Jillette tonight at 7PM and Criss Angel at 7:30. I was gonna say "It's a Magical Night on MTV," but is anything magical on MTV today?
  2. 7 PM what? Eastern? Central? Pacific?
  3. Well Lance Burton posted it to me earlier and he's in Vegas, but it showed up here on the East Coast at 7 & 730 .. so .. I'd say check your local listings. ;-)
  4. dam wish i woulda known, wouldve liked to see penns....., dont care for Criss.
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    I think that Penn's "Slammer" was profiled once before, but I'm sure that it will air again. Here's a peek inside Teller's house as well:

    You can also keep looking here at the MTV site:

    PS - Just checked. Looks like these originally aired on 12/11/10 - So keep checking back for reruns
  6. Thanks Man! Really appreciate it!!!
  7. Is the MTV's Cribs featureing Penn Jillette online available?
  8. Need a cribs for Kenner's house. The dude has a damn bat cave.

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