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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scottbaird, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. What is the weirdest place you guys have ever made that centavo appear after the vanish?

    Just curious, to see who thinks outside the box here.

    I like making it appear on the spectators shoulder (thanks, Apollo!), in their pocket, dropping it from my head, and having it in my shoe.

    Where do you guys choose?

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    hey its scott...... remember me? and i have yet to purchase scotch and soda
  3. Sns

    Well, here a couple ideas.
    I have actually Ditched it in someone elses jacket pocket before hand , if you have the time. or i just ditch in on te spot, as if you were pickpocketing.

    And i also do a visual coin penetration Believe it or not, i actually place the shell above the gimmick centavo, with the loaded real centavo in a card box, then press down, it vanishes, and ask them to open the box.

    i obv do it in pocket too, and under things, etc etc. just work with what u have
  4. Coin on shoulder is killer. I learned that back in the days, but I have seen some people take that idea to whole new level. It's very amusing to the right person to have a coin jumping back to their shoulder. one of my favorite effects.
  5. bj is right, iv done this with james brown plot of jam ending with coin to shoulder, its suprisingly easy place to load on another being
  6. oh yeah

    yeaah the shoulder is very fun. easy to load
  7. When I used Scotch and Soda (A.K.A. before I lost my set), I used to love to make the coin appear in there pocket, or another participant that was watching with them.

    Coin on the shoulder is some sick stuff. I have used it once or twice, but to be honest, I need to get some more guts to do that often.

    So many possibilities..

  8. I've tried coin to shoulder, but it's always just fallen off. I love having anything go to a spectator's pocket, because it's impossible to them, the believe that they would of felt it had it gone in their pocket.

    I've actually had it appear in a cake...

  9. I learned this awhile back from Eric Jones after I fell for it while he was showing me something. I couldn't believe that it worked until he did it to me. Such a great idea and something that totally blows a spectator's mind that the coin could have possibly been there the entire time.

  10. I plant it under the cups, in their bill covers ( at restaraunts ) every now and then I'll plant one in the salt shaker. Imagination has no limits!

    Curtis "Miles of Magic"
  11. Yeh i deffinantly love the Coin on Shoulder....its great
  12. scotch and soda is to gimmicky for my taste.

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